iCal: Syncing a Non-Exclusive Inventory Listing’s Calendar

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Any property that is shared between different external services, such as PMCs and advertising services, is referred to as "non-exclusive inventory".

Syncing a non-exclusive inventory listing's Guesty calendar with external calendars is essential to avoid double bookings and present the correct availability to guests. 



Importing/exporting a calendar

You can use iCal to sync the calendars by importing and/or exporting them.

When you import a calendar into Guesty, events from the external calendar will block the Guesty calendar.

When you export a calendar to an external service, events from the Guesty calendar will block the external calendar.


How syncing works

Here are some important tips about syncing your calendars using iCal:

  1. You can turn on and off the syncing of these calendars at any time by deleting the imported/exported calendar's link.
  2. You may create 1 import/export link per property/sub-unit.
  3. You can view the status of the import/export at any time in the listing's menu.
  4. You can adjust the start and end dates of the blocks that will be imported/exported using iCal.
  5. Updates made to the calendars will be reflected within 1 hour.

  6. When changing the name of the calendar, the new name will be presented starting with the next import.
  7. Events that are imported using iCal are excluded from Advanced Analytics data.
  8. Imported events do not trigger Smart Calendar rules.
  9. Past blocks/reservations will not be available via the iCal.
    The following current and future blocks will be exported from Guesty through iCal:
    1. Manual Blocks
    2. Confirmed Reservations 
    3. Reserved Reservations
    4. Owner Reservations
    5. Allotment Blocks
    6. Smart Calendar Rules
    7. Rental Periods (unavailable by default)
    8. Booking Window 
    9. Advance Notice
    10. Annual Block Limit (yearly night limits)
    11. Preparation Time Block
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