Advanced Analytics is a premium feature. Contact us to discuss activating it.

Advanced Analytics provides you with in-depth analytical data and an overview of company performance over time for all listings in your account. Switch between various dashboards to see different categories of data and view data as widgets in the center panel. You can filter the data to take a deeper look. See a list of the dashboards below. 
Up to three users can access Advanced Analytics per Guesty account. Unassigned users will gain access to Guesty's regular Analytics feature. Learn how to assign users


Advanced Analytics applies to all listings in your account. At this time, it is not possible to exclude certain listings. Additionally, Advanced Analytics does not recognize occupancy for reservations that have a check-in date from before the listing was activated.


If you are a new user to Guesty, metrics such as occupancy, average nightly rate, and pace will only reflect data from the time that you joined Guesty. All other metrics will show historical data.


In the Benchmarks dashboard, see how your listings compare to three benchmarks that are based on market data: The average nightly rate, average booked days, and cancellation rate. You can select the time period for which you would like the benchmarks to be displayed or which listings you would like to examine based on city, property type, or the number of bedrooms, for example.

Booking Engine

The Guesty Booking Engine dashboard gives insight into the most important data concerning your Guesty Booking Engine listings.

Business on the Books

Analyze all your business performance metrics in one place with the Business on the Books dashboard. View both daily and year-over-year revenue comparisons, and the percentage of reservations created in the month revenue was received vs. reservations that were created in previous months.


View guest communication data and use it to improve efficiency within your team. Learn more.


Where data is displayed in a pie chart, small slices are grouped together into a single slice called "Other". You can click "Other" to display a second pie chart containing a further breakdown.

General Overview

View brief summaries of your revenue, commission, average nightly rate, and occupancy for the selected period.

Historical Snapshot

The Historical Snapshot feature gives you insight into your listings' data on any given date of your choice and allows you to measure the changes in your most important analytical data at a glance.


The average nightly rate is calculated as follows: the reservation's host payout divided by the number of reserved nights. This calculation is for confirmed reservations only and the time-frame is always calendar-based, regardless of your recognized revenue settings. The data is presented in the account's default currency.

My Commission

View revenue based on your commission for the selected period. This is calculated in accordance with your account's commission calculation settings.


The data is displayed as per the main Revenue Recognition settings set in your Guesty account. Learn about the options available to choose from.


View the rate at which properties have become occupied during the selected period, as well as measurements relating to Revenue Per Available Listing (RevPAL), Occupancy, Price, and Direct vs. Channel Bookings.


RevPAL takes the final number from your Average Nightly Rate and multiplies it by your occupancy rate during that time.


You can choose to calculate revenue based on net income or accommodation fare, rather than the host payout. To arrange this, contact us or your Customer Success Manager, if relevant. Once changed, it will come into effect within 24 hours, and will also apply to historical data.


Make decisions for the next 14 days based on lost revenue, which is calculated as available days multiplied by the average nightly rate. This dashboard is relevant for listings that are both listed and active.

Pace Report

The Pace Report dashboard in Advanced Analytics compares your revenue, average nightly rate (ANR), and booked days, comparing the current year with the same day in the previous year.


View a breakdown of reservations for a selected period by various criteria such as by channel, status, length of stay, owner reservations, and more.


The Revenue dashboard provides a year-over-year overview of your revenue, along with a breakdown of the revenue for booking channels, fees, geographical location, and listings.


View analytical data of reviews that have been posted by guests and respond to them via Guesty. Learn more via the links below.


You can download data from the widgets at any time.

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