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You can use commission calculations to decide how revenue is shared between you (the property manager) and owners. You can set a default calculation to apply to all of your listings or set up a specific calculation for certain listings or reservations.

When you set up your commission calculation formula, you use placeholders such as fare_accommodation and channel_commission. You can read the full list of placeholders below, and see some examples of formulas here.

 What is calculated?
Value of "Channel commission" from each reservation (including Airbnb).
The taxes that are paid on the channel commission.
The discount is calculated for each reservation based on a listing's pricing settings. Currently relevant for Vrbo reservations.
Relevant for Airbnb and Pre-deduct manual reservations. This is Airbnb's Service Fee.
The total accommodation fare as it appears in the booking channel.
The net accommodation fare amount. This includes adjustments, discounts, and coupons.
The cleaning fee, if it exists for the specific reservation.
Total number of guests for the reservation.
Number of guests who are included in the base price. This is used to determine the number of added guests, minus the guest count).
A listing's extra person fee.
Total number of nights for the reservation.
Total payout received from the booking channel including taxes plus additional fees. For Airbnb reservations, the host_channel_fee is removed from the host_payout. For all other channels, the channel_commission is not deducted from the host_payout.
The result of the "Net income formula" field. This can only be used inside the second or third fields of "Commission formula".
If you want to round up/down the results, you can insert the formula into the "round" brackets. For example: round(fare_accommodation*0.2).
Total payout received from the booking channel, plus additional fees, and does not include taxes. For Airbnb reservations, the host_channel_fee is removed from the host_subtotal. For all other channels, the channel_commission is not deducted from the host_subtotal.
The total amount of taxes for the reservation.
The value (calculation result) of the Property Manager’s (PM) Commission Formula field. This value includes both the PM commission and PM commission tax.
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