Using Analytics

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This article relates to Guesty's standard Analytics feature. Find out about Guesty's premium Advanced Analytics feature.

Guesty Analytics provides an overview of your company's performance over time. Set several parameters to get insights about your business. See the information below or watch our video.




To access this feature, click Analytics from the top menu of your Guesty Dashboard.

  • Date Range
    Choose from preset dates or set a custom date range.
  • Analytics Views
    Choose Revenue analytics to get an overview of the revenue, or Revenue by listing to take a closer look at each listing.
  • Revenue Calculation
    Calculate the revenue by choosing from these parameters: Check-in, Check-out, Calendar or Confirmation.
  • Metrics
    Measure performance by revenue, commission, occupancy, average nightly rate or revenue per available listing.
  • Trends
    See a trend graph for the two main metrics you select.
  • Pie Charts
    See the breakdown of Revenue by Channel or Revenue by Source in a pie chart.


Deactivating a listing removes its data from Analytics. In order to continue seeing data for this listing, hide the listing from the booking channels and keep the listing active.

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