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Want to find out more details about a guest before their stay? Create a Check-in Form to gather information prior to their arrival. Start by creating a check-in form template.

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Create a check-in form template

Customize the Check-in Form by adding your logo and editing the default text. 

Send a check-in form to guests

Automate the sending of Check-in Forms or send them manually.

Viewing the check-in form

Easily view information and attachments sent by guests. 


  • If the guest updates their name in the Check-in Form, it will overwrite the name that currently appears under "Name" in the "Guest" section of the reservation.
  • If they enter an email address or phone number, they will be added to "Email" and "Phone", accordingly, in the "Guest" section of the reservation and will be marked as the primary email or number for that guest.


If a guest enters their planned arrival and departure times on a Check-in Form, the reservation's ETA and ETD will not be updated automatically. The guest will be instructed to contact you to request early check-in or late check-out.


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