Available features in the mobile app

The Guesty mobile app provides all the essential features you need to manage your business from your phone, with new enhancements being rolled out on a regular basis. Navigate easily and smoothly in Guesty mobile app and get instant access to many of our desktop features while on the go.

Find below some key features supported on our new and improved app:


Communication services:

Wherever you are, answer and reach out to your guests from your mobile Inbox. To your convenience, our mobile app supports multiple languages so you can easily choose your most native one.


Reservation management

Manage your reservations in a timely manner with mobile app. You can also find a summary of your daily and weekly data on the app's home page.

With our mobile Multi-Calendar version, you can book directly and see all your guests reservations in one place.

We got your back covered with simple access to create any task related to your reservation when you are away from your laptop.


Property management

Perform and property related action using our app, and never miss and opportunity to grow your business and provide ongoing service for your guests.


Pilot / Beta users

Both pro and lite yours have one unified app.

Download the latest version of the mobile app 


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