Understanding a multi-unit's occupancy rate in the Multi-Calendar

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time.

You can see a multi-unit listing's occupancy rate in the Multi-Calendar. An occupancy rate is the number of confirmed reservations, reserved reservations, or Smart Calendar blocks applied for a certain night vs. the number of bookable units for that night.
The occupancy rate is displayed on the Multi-Calendar in the left sidebar, alongside the relevant multi-unit listing, in the following format: X/Y.
In the example below, the occupancy rate of 2/2, shown on each of the two dark gray cells, indicates the following:

X: One reservation ("Guesty Guest") and a Smart Calendar Rule's block have been made for the multi-unit "12341234" for the two nights.

Y: The "12341234" multi-unit has two bookable sub-units for the two nights.

Learn more below about how the occupancy rate is calculated.

X: The number of reservations

The X parameter is calculated by the total number of reservations made for the relevant night, regardless of whether or not they have been assigned to individual sub-units, or remained unassigned

Reservations with a "Reserved" status are also included, while reservations with an "Inquiry" status are not.

  • This differs from the occupancy calculation in Guesty's Analytics or Advanced Analytics features, in which reservations with a "Reserved" status are not included.

Smart Calendar Rules blocks are included in the X calculation, as well.

Y: The number of bookable units

This is the number of individual sub-units that are bookable for the relevant night, with a subtraction  of the following items:

The following parameters are not subtracted from the Y parameter:

  • Blocks that were added manually to the calendar
  • Advance notice blocks
  • preparation time blocks
  • Unlisting a sub-unit only affects the property's availability in the connected booking channels. The number of bookable units will remain the same in Guesty, as you can create or relocate reservations to sub-units that are unlisted.
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