Configuring auto assignment of multi-unit reservations to sub-units

You can choose whether reservations made for multi-unit listing are assigned to one of their sub-units automatically, or manually. Only "Confirmed" reservations can be automatically assigned.

With automatic reservation assignment, the new reservation will be assigned either randomly to an available sub-unit, or by an A-Z order, based on the sub-unit's nickname.

This is set up when creating a new multi-unit listing and can be changed at any time, as described below.

Before you begin

A reservation will remain unassigned in the cases listed below:

  • If there aren't enough consecutive nights available on the calendar. By default, reservations can be received for a multi-unit regardless of having a single sub-unit to host the entire guest stay. I.e., if the stay can be allotted between different sub-units, each vacant to host a segment of the reservation, the reservation can be booked but will remain unassigned.
  • If you move a reservation to another sub-unit via the booking channel, and the sub-unit is unavailable
  • Reservations with a Reserved or Inquiry cannot be automatically assigned. Also, reservations that were imported from Airbnb as "Inquires", and then changed to "Confirmed", cannot be automatically assigned.

  • Auto-assignment is not supported for reservations

In these cases, you will need to manually assign the reservation to an available sub-unit. If there aren't available units, you can relocate other reservations to different sub-units to create vacancies. Alternatively, you can block the availability of the multi-unit in advance if there is not a specific sub-unit available for all the nights of the reservation.

Learn how to view unassigned reservations.

Follow the instructions below to change how reservations should be assigned.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Operations mode.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. Click the relevant listing.
  5. In the left sidebar, select the main unit of the multi-unit listing.
  6. In the listing's menu, click Multi-unit settings.
  7. Next to "Sub-unit and reservation settings", click Edit.

  8. Under "Reservation assignment method" choose from the following:
    • Assign manually
    • Assign automatically. For this option, select "When" the assignment should be done:
      • Immediately when a reservation is created.
      • Ahead of check-in. For this option, also fill in the "How many days ahead" field.
  9. Select how the assignment will be made, under "Assign by":
    • By unit's nickname order (A-Z)
    • Randomly
      Use this option when the sub-units are owned by multiple owners. By choosing this option, the allocation of sub-units per the different reservations is done randomly, which allows an impartial and more fair assignment of the sub-units.
  10. Under "Highlight upcoming unassigned reservations", use the upward or downward arrows to select how many days ahead of check-in the unassigned reservations will be highlighted in the Multi-Calendar.

  11. Enable consecutive availability (optional).
  12. Click Save.
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