Changing the dates of a reservation

You can change the dates of a reservation in Guesty or via the reservation channel of origin. 

For a reservation in a Confirmed status, changing the number of nights will impact the added costs, but will not affect the original reservation price. The rates for the added nights will be calculated according to the current price per night. However, the price per night for the original nights will remain the same. Any fees and taxes will change - if they are calculated per night (rather than per stay or per guest). If you subtract nights from a reservation, the remaining nights will be kept at the same price.

For example:  A reservation was confirmed for two nights at a rate of $30 per night. The price per night was since optimized by a revenue management tool and is now $32. If you add a night to the reservation, the price per night for the original two nights will remain $30. The price of the added night will be $32.  Fees and taxes charged per night will be calculated according to the original price for the first two nights, and according to the adjusted price for the added night. Fees and taxes charged per stay or per guest will not be affected.

A reservation in Inquiry or Reserved statuses does not benefit from locked prices. Changes to the reservation will cause a recalculation of the price per night as well as fees and taxes. 

If you want to keep the original accommodation fare as when the reservation was booked, you can manually adjust the price when changing the dates, as explained in the steps below.

Where to change the dates of a reservation 

You can change the dates of a reservation via Guesty or the channel according to the information below.


Pro users Lite users

Pro users: You can send an alteration request for the guest's approval, requesting to change the dates of the reservation. You can also change the reservation's total price. Learn more.


Pro users Lite users

Pro users: Change via Guesty.

For reservations after check-in, you can change the dates via Guesty only once every 24 hours. A date change requires approval by Hence, in the steps below, instead of making an instant date change (by clicking Change in step 7), you will need to click “Continue”, and then “Submit Request”. Guesty will submit the date change request to, and the reservation will be updated in Guesty once has made the changes.

If you wish to change the reservation's price as well, check if you manage your payments with a payment solution. If you do, change the price via the Extranet. If you manage payments on your own, you can change the reservation's price via Guesty. Check your availability before submitting the change, as does not automatically check if the new dates are available. 

For reservations before check-in or if less than 24 hours have passed since your latest change, alter the dates via

Misterb&b (Pro users only)

Change via Guesty.

Vrbo via Rentals United (Pro users)

Change via Guesty.

Guesty direct integrations & manual reservations

Change via Guesty.

Google Vacation Rentals (Pro users)

Change via Guesty.

All other channels

Change through the relevant channel.

Change the dates of a reservation in Guesty

Pro users Lite users

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. From the top navigation bar, click the mode selector, then select Operations mode.
  3. Click Reservations.
  4. Click the relevant reservation.
  5. Click the three vertical dots next to "Summary". Then, click Edit reservation.
  6. Click the check-in or check-out date, and select new dates. 
  7. To the right of “Summary”, click Change.
  8. In the "Payout" pop-up, fill in the relevant information. If you don't want the accommodation fare to be recalculated for the added nights, use the arrows to the right of "Accommodation fare" to adjust the total accommodation fare (and not just the price difference). If you wish to update taxes or additional fees, adjust the line item in the guest folio.
  9. Click Save.

A record of all changes to the accommodation fare will appear in the guest folio's nightly breakdown. If the dates are changed after check-in, the VAT price difference, for example, will appear on a separate line item in the folio, under the original VAT.


You can also change the dates of a reservation via the calendar or the Inbox. Find the relevant reservation, then click Reservations mobile tap on the side widget.

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