You can easily manage your property description in your connected booking channels via Guesty. You can adjust the content of the description fields, and select the languages they can appear in for your Vrbo or Booking Engine integrations.

 Follow the instructions below to set or change a property description in Guesty.

Channel requirements

Check the following prerequisites and limitations.

  • Some channels may prevent you from publishing a listing if you add the following types of content to the property description, so it’s best to avoid them. 
    • Email addresses
    • Website links
    • Phone numbers
    • Emojis
    • Repetitive special characters
    • All-capitalized words  
  • You can manage a property description in other languages via Guesty only for your Vrbo and Guesty Booking Engine integrations. All changes for these integrations must be made via Guesty. 


  • Airbnb restricts the content you can add to the property description fields
  • Managing an Airbnb property description in other languages via Guesty is not supported for published or linked listings. For imported listings, an Airbnb property description can be imported to Guesty in one language only. If the property description is in English, or configured in multiple languages including English, it will be imported to Guesty in English. If the description is configured in numerous languages but not English, it will be imported to Guesty in the first language chronologically set in Airbnb.

  • The property title must be between 3 to 255 characters long. 
  • For published listings: You can set your property title in Guesty upon the initial publish, and only if the listing's status in the Extranet is "XML: Being Built". Changes to the property title after the initial publish won't be synced to, and you’ll have to make the changes directly in Titles won’t sync for listings with rates & availability connection type.
  • All the other property description fields are not synced between the two platforms. Any updates should be made directly in
  • offers auto-translate/auto-generate features. Learn more about changing the language of a property description in
  • For linked listings: We recommend using's "auto-generated" feature. The feature will create a property description based on other details you provide (facilities, location details, etc.). Also, will automatically translate the property-generated description to the guest, based on the language they configured in their account.
  • For published listings: We recommend using the “auto-translate” feature. It will translate the property description to all’s supported languages. The description will be translated to the guest automatically based on the language they set in their account. Make sure to add the property description in Guesty before publishing the listing.


Tripadvisor receives the "Summary" and "Space" description fields as one field, combined together. The fields share the character count and must be between 300-5,000 characters long. If not, the listing may become unlisted in Tripadvisor.

Guesty Booking Engine for Pro users (Pilot)

When creating a Booking Engine, we recommend you first add the property description in all relevant languages, using the instructions below, and only then proceed to create the engine. Make sure you select the same languages both in the property description and the Booking Engine setup. If the languages don’t match, the property description may be shown in the Engine in the default language, English. Learn more about adding languages to the Booking Engine.


  • Lite users: If you connected to Vrbo after 19 Feb 2024, set the property description fields directly in Vrbo. 
  • The property title must be 20 to 80 characters long
    • For listings on Vrbo Japan, at least 10 characters must be specified, and a maximum of 80 characters is allowed.
    • If the property title is under the minimum 20-character requirement, Guesty will automatically add part of the property description to the title.
    • Titles may have different parts of the word "Summary" added at the end.
  • The property description must be between 400 to 10,000 characters long. When Guesty sends the description to Vrbo, it combines all of the description fields and sends them as a single description. Make sure the total amount of the fields' characters doesn't exceed 10,000. The description fields are:
    • Summary
    • The space
    • Guest access
    • The neighborhood
    • Getting around
    • Other things to note
    • Interaction with guests
  • Each Vrbo brand supports specific languages. Make sure the property description language in Guesty matches the relevant brand’s language in your Vrbo account. For example, if your chosen brand is Abritel, all property content must be written in French.
    • Beta users: When connecting your Guesty account and listings to Vrbo you need to select a Vrbo brand to connect with. Before publishing the listings, add the brand's language to the description of all the relevant properties. Otherwise, you won’t be able to publish them, and you’ll receive the following error: "The listing should include content in the following Vrbo brand language".

Follow the instructions below to set or change a property description fields.

Setting up or changing a property description fields


You can select up to 14 display languages (including English).

Pro users Lite users

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Operations mode.
  3. Click Properties.
  4. Click the relevant listing.
    For a multi-unit, you need to set some fields in the multi-unit’s main unit, while some can be set for each sub-unit, learn more here.
  5. In the menu to the left, click Marketing.
  6. Click Descriptions.
  7. Click Edit next to “Description”.
  8. Under “Displayed language”, mark the checkboxes of the languages you'd like to include.
    • English will be selected by default

  9. Under “Marketing descriptions”, add a title for the listing (mandatory), and fill in the additional fields (optional). Then, add a translation for the same fields in your selected languages.
  10. To edit additional languages, select the relevant languages from the dropdown menu.
  11. Click Save.
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