Best practices: Listing descriptions, location, and accuracy

Creating a detailed and accurate listing description can help prepare and set expectations before your guest’s stay, as well as, get them excited about your property.

Use our guide below to set up your listing and property descriptions for success.


Provide accurate and detailed listings

Ensure that your listing accurately represents your property and make your listing more appealing to guests by including the following information:

  • Add your listing's correct and updated location in Guesty
  • Include high-quality photos
    Learn more about our recommendations and requirements for uploading photos to Guesty.
  • Include detailed descriptions of amenities and nearby attractions
    Enhance guest experiences by managing your listing’s Marketing settings.
    We recommend you make sure your listing descriptions include the following:
    • Emphasize nearby attractions, provide local insights and recommendations
    • Ensure accurate location descriptions
    • Address accessibility concerns
    • Prioritize safety and security
    • Highlight local events and festivals
    • Detail transportation options
    • Communicate distances to key locations
    • Showcase local amenities
    • Update listings with relevant seasonal information.
  • Mention any house rules or important information guests should know about the property.
    House rules are where you can include information about what's permitted and not permitted on the property. Providing comprehensive guidelines enhances the guest experience, minimizes misunderstandings, and helps create a seamless stay.
    Make sure you set up your listing’s House Rules to ensure all essential instructions are communicated to guests prior to check-in and that the expectations for your guest’s stay are clear. We recommend including the following:
    • If pets are allowed
    • If smoking is permitted
    • Rules and restrictions for hosting parties
    • Noise policies
    • Check-out procedures


Offer location-specific experiences

A property's location and the convenience of amenities and transportation can significantly influence reviews. A prime location offers accessibility to attractions, enhances safety, and experiences unique to the culture.

Below are some tips to help boost your listing’s location-specific rating:

  • Offer local discounts and/or experience packages
    1. Partner with local attractions, businesses, restaurants, or shops to offer exclusive experience packages to guests based on the property's location. This could include discounts or complimentary tickets to nearby attractions, guided tours, or unique dining experiences.
    2. We also recommend you provide guests with a list of participating businesses and encourage them to mention their stay to receive special offers.
  • Create personalized recommendations
    Provide guests with personalized recommendations for exploring the area — including hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path attractions, and local favorites. We recommend creating a digital guidebook or map highlighting these recommendations and offering it to guests upon arrival.
  • Provide transportation assistance
    Offer assistance with transportation options. For example, arranging airport transfers, providing bike rentals, or offering discounted rates for local transportation services, etc.


Including additional amenities/services (transportation, etc.)

Below are some of our recommendations when it comes to additional services and amenities to include:

  • Provide essential amenities
    Make sure your property is well-equipped with essential and popular amenities such as toiletries, linens, towels, Wi-Fi, and kitchen essentials. We recommend adding extra touches like coffee makers, and hairdryers to enhance the guest experience.
  • Go above and beyond
    Thoughtful gestures can leave a lasting impression and result in positive reviews.
    1. Consider offering additional services or amenities to enhance the guest experience. For example, airport transfers, guided tours, or concierge services.
    2. If you believe your property may have inconveniences such as noise, we recommend providing earplugs or white noise machines in your accommodations to offer guests a solution — and include this info in your description if you consider lowering the nightly rate.
  • Define the right nightly rates for your offering
    Value is often tied to pricing, and being transparent and informative about your property and amenities will set clear expectations.
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