In certain situations, instead of publishing or importing a listing to Airbnb, the listing in Guesty must be linked to an existing listing in Airbnb.

If you've created a new listing in Airbnb, and you'd like to connect it to an existing listing in Guesty, you'll need to complete the linking process (which currently is not supported in your Guesty integration).
However, you can contact us to perform this action on your behalf.
Follow the instructions below to submit your request to link an Airbnb listing to a Guesty listing.

Before you begin

Below is some important information to know about the linking listing process:

  • Once the listing is linked, the Guesty data will override Airbnb data
    Airbnb won't be able to restore the following data:
    • Descriptions, amenities, space arrangement, property type, booking settings, cancelation policies, house rules, pricing, and availability will be overridden by Guesty
  • Photos, historical messages, and reservations are imported from the new Aribnb ID
  • We can't recover messages from the old Airbnb listing where the Guesty listing was connected
    This is because the old listing is no longer API-connected, therefore we can't retrieve the information.
  • If the new Airbnb listing was created in Account A, the linking process will be configured on that account
    For example: Let's say your new Airbnb ID is in Account A, and your Guesty listing is in Account B, but you'd like to link these two listings to Account C.
    The listing will be linked to Account A — meaning it isn't possible to link these two listings to Account C, since your new Airbnb ID is in Account A.

    Learn more about changing your connected listings to another account.


Checklist to submit a link listing request

Check the following before you submit your request to link a Guesty listing with an existing Airbnb listing.

  • The listing in Guesty must already be disconnected from Airbnb
  • The new Airbnb ID must be displayed on the integration page
    Please sync the account in Guesty to pull the listing.
  • Review and confirm that the listing data in Guesty is correct and updated
  • Make sure to include the following mandatory information when you submit a request to link:
    • Account or integration name
      This is the integration of the Airbnb account where the new Airbnb ID has been created.
    • New Airbnb ID
      This is the new listing created in Airbnb (for example, 1055287866445).
    • Guesty Listing ID
      This is the existing listing in Guesty (for example, 54cac9145c2f007fa3e4b).
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