Cancelling a Vrbo reservation

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Once a Vrbo account is connected to Guesty, reservation cancellation must be done directly in Guesty.

Before you begin

  • Guests will not be able to cancel reservations. They will need to reach out to you with a request to cancel.
  • Cancelling a reservation in Vrbo is not recommended, as Guesty will not receive  any reservation cancellation updates that have been made in Vrbo.
  • Cancellation of confirmed reservations via Guesty will be updated in Vrbo within 24 hours.
  • Before canceling a Vrbo reservation, including those made via Rentals United:
    • Make sure the listing assigned to the reservation is connected to your Vrbo account. Otherwise, the reservation will remain confirmed in Vrbo.

Cancelling a reservation in Guesty

Follow the steps here to cancel the reservation in Guesty.

The reservation status will change to "Canceled", and the dates will be available on all booking channels. Any scheduled Automated Messages will also be canceled.


Once you cancel a reservation, it can't be restored. Guesty does not support changing canceled/closed statuses back to confirmed. You'll need to create a new reservation again.

Possible reasons a reservation is cancelled in Guesty but not Vrbo

The reservation wasn't yet cancelled in Guesty

Once the Vrbo account is integrated with Guesty, you must cancel the reservation from Guesty, even if the guest is the one asking to cancel.

Check if you have cancelled in Guesty by opening the reservation page in the Guesty dashboard and checking the reservation’s status. If the reservation is not yet cancelled, follow the steps here to cancel the reservation in Guesty.

The reservation was moved to an unconnected listing

If you cancel a Vrbo reservation in Guesty and it does not update in Vrbo within 24 hours, the reservation may have been moved to a listing that is not connected to Vrbo.

The listing must be connected to Vrbo when the reservation is canceled in Guesty for the reservation status to update in the booking channel.

Error message: No availability: The selected multi-unit is not available for the reservation dates

Please contact us so we can escalate and update the reservation status for you.

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