Canceled Vrbo reservation not showing as canceled in Vrbo

See instructions here for canceling a Vrbo reservation. If a reservation is not showing as canceled in Vrbo as expected, it is likely due to one of the following common scenarios.

The reservation wasn't yet canceled in Guesty

Once the Vrbo account is integrated with Guesty, you must cancel the reservation from Guesty, even if the guest is the one asking to cancel.

Check if you have canceled in Guesty by opening the reservation page in the Guesty dashboard and checking the reservation’s status. If the reservation is not yet canceled, follow the steps here to cancel the reservation in Guesty.

The reservation was moved to or from an unconnected listing

If you cancel a Vrbo reservation in Guesty and it does not update in Vrbo within 24 hours, the reservation may have been moved to a listing that is not connected to Vrbo.

The listing must be connected to Vrbo when the reservation is canceled in Guesty for the reservation status to update in the booking channel.

The reservation was automatically declined

For Request to Book reservations, you will have 24 hours to approve or decline the request, indicated by a clock counting down in the reservation page. After 23 hours and 50 minutes the request will be declined automatically by Guesty.

Guesty’s auto-decline feature is designed to maintain your listing's response rate. This is an important criteria that impacts your listings.

Error message: No availability: The selected multi-unit is not available for the reservation dates

Please contact us so we can escalate and update the reservation status for you.

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