Why can’t I add payments to a reservation?

There are a few situations where you will be unable to add a new payment, new payment method, or an authorization hold to a reservation. In these situations, the "New Payment" and "More Actions" buttons within the payments section of the reservation will not appear. 

If a guest's balance has already been paid or accounted for and there is no money left to charge, you will not be able to do any payment actions. This can present in a few ways:

  1. If a reservation's payments are processed through a booking channel, you will not be able to make a payment in Guesty as all payments are controlled in the channel itself.
  2. If a guest's balance is accounted for with existing auto payments or authorization holds that cover the total balance. Our system will not allow you to record a payment, as the guest would be overcharged.
    1. If you have scheduled auto payments, you will need to cancel any auto payments that interfere with the amount you want to collect.

      1. For example, let’s say there is a $1000 balance on your reservation and you have two auto payments scheduled. One auto payment will collect $500 at check-in and the other auto payment will collect the remaining $500 two weeks later. The guest wants to pay you $600 in cash when they arrive. In this scenario, you will have two options in order to record the $600 external payment:

        1. Cancel the first $500 auto payment and edit the other autopayment to $400 to collect the remaining balance

        2. Cancel both $500 auto payments and be sure to manually collect the remaining $400 balance

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