Reservation status: Overview

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A reservation is created when a guest starts any type of communication with you regarding a booking. Each reservation contains a unique reservation code and status which allows both you and the guest to see information in real-time related to a specific booking. See more about Reservations. Please note that you may change the status of a reservation at any time. Find information about the stages of the reservation lifecycle below.


An Inquiry reservation status appears when the guest asks the host a general question but hasn't submitted a booking request. This status will not affect the host's calendar availability. An Inquiry contains dates, listing names, and the number of guests, but does not have a reservation number, and it does not affect the calendar.


A Reserved status appears in the following cases:
  1. A guest has chosen a place to stay, made a booking request through a channel / Guesty's Booking Engine, and is now waiting for the host's confirmation.
  2. A quote has been sent to the guest.

    The Reserved status usually indicates that the reservation is awaiting confirmation, from one or both parties. A Reserved reservation blocks the calendar.


    When sending a quote, the reservation expires after passing the time that was set when creating the quote. Then, that status will be changed to Closed. Note that the time set cannot be extended once it is set.


A Confirmed reservation status appears when the host has accepted the guest's reservation request (or the request has been automatically accepted via Instant Booking), and the booking process is complete.
A Confirmed reservation blocks the calendar.


A Canceled reservation status appears when a host or a guest has canceled a confirmed reservation.
This status removes the calendar block.


A Closed reservation status appears when either the host or the guest takes longer than the set hours (the default is 24 hours) to accept or decline a Reserved booking request. If the guest is still interested in booking, they'll need to send a new booking request.
This reservation status removes the calendar block.


A Declined reservation status appears when a host has chosen not to accept a guest's reservation. The guest won't be charged, and it won't affect the host's calendar.

This reservation status does not affect the calendar.

Awaiting payment

The Awaiting Payment reservation status appears when a host has accepted a guest's reservation request, but the guest's payment hasn't gone through yet. In most cases, this means the guest needs to update their payment method.
This reservation status blocks the calendar dates.
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