Connecting an Airbnb account to Guesty

Airbnb is the starting point for new entrepreneurs and property owners, and has the most streamlined process for creating a listing.

Don't have an Airbnb account? Using Guesty Lite requires having at least one Airbnb listing. Click here for more information about creating your Airbnb account.

Guesty has a strong relationship with Airbnb, making the connection between Guesty and Airbnb simple and essential to managing your listings. Once you've imported your listings from Airbnb, they'll be ready to easily connect with other online travel agencies (OTAs) and/or direct websites.

In order to manage your Airbnb listings in Guesty, you must complete these 3 steps:

  1. First, connect your Airbnb and Guesty accounts.
  2. Then, connect/sync your listings.
  3. Start managing your listings and/or reservations directly in Guesty.

You can connect multiple Airbnb accounts to Guesty and manage all accounts from one place.


  • Each Airbnb account cannot be connected to more than one Guesty account
  • Connecting to Guesty via the Co-host's account isn't supported, and you won’t be able to push your listings to Guesty
    Learn more about Airbnb Host Teams and Co-host accounts.

Follow the instructions below to either connect an existing Airbnb account or create an Airbnb account to connect to Guesty.


Before you begin

Please note the following information before you begin.

Pro users Lite users

  • Your Airbnb account must be disconnected from any other third-party software before starting the connection with Guesty
  • Once the account is connected, its listings will be imported into Guesty, but they won't be connected yet
    To change the status of a listing from "Not connected" to "Connected", follow from step 8 until the end of these instructions per listing.
  • It can take up to 24 hours for the account status to change from "Pending" to "Connected"
    If the status of the account remains "Pending" for longer than 24 hours, learn how to trigger the connection.
  • If you encounter issues when trying to connect your Airbnb account, clicking "Add Account" repeatedly is inadvisable

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Connect your Airbnb account to Guesty

Follow the instructions below to connect your Airbnb account to Guesty.
You must be logged in and have both your Airbnb and Guesty accounts open in your browser to complete the process.


If you encounter an issue during the onboarding process, use this guide to help you troubleshoot error messages while publishing (for Pro users) or importing (for Pro and Lite users).

Pro users Lite users

Step by step:

  1. In Airbnb:
    1. Check if you are already logged into Airbnb with a different account. If so, log out of that account.
    2. Sign in to the relevant Airbnb account on your computer — not via Google or Facebook — and make sure your email is verified.


      Make sure you're signed into the correct account to avoid the following error message:

      If you enter an email for an account that's already connected to Guesty, a pop-up will appear when you are trying to connect to a new account.
  2. In Guesty:
    1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
    2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Growth mode.
    3. Click Distribution.
    4. Click the Airbnb thumbnail.
    5. In the top right corner, click Add account.
      • If an error message appears:
        1. Log out from the current Airbnb account, and then log in again with the account to which you'd to connect.
      • If the error message remains:
        1. Try logging in from the Incognito mode on your browser.
        2. If this works, clear your browser's cache and cookies and try again.
    6. In the pop-up, click Get started.
      This will redirect you to Airbnb.
  3. In Airbnb:
    1. Click Allow to enable Guesty to connect to your Airbnb account.
      You will be redirected to Guesty once you've clicked "Allow".
  4. In Guesty:
    1. In the pop-up, fill in the following information:
      • Custom integration email address prefix
        The integration email will be used for your new login credentials in Airbnb, as well as, receiving notifications in the Guesty Inbox and contacting Airbnb via Guesty.
      • A unique account nickname
        Make sure that the name you pick isn't already used in Guesty or Airbnb.
      • Your company name (optional)
      • Forwarding email address (optional)
        This will allow you to receive email notifications about your Airbnb account.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Click the Copy text icon to copy your new integration email address.
      1. If you have a custom domain setup, choose it from the dropdown before proceeding.
        Learn more about custom domains and communication.
  5. In Airbnb:
    1.  Replace your primary email address in Airbnb with your Guesty integration email (the email you copied in step 3 above).


      This step is no longer mandatory, and can be skipped or performed at a later time. However, if you'd like to receive notifications in Guesty Inbox and contact Airbnb via Guesty, then you will need to set up the email address.

  6. In Guesty: 
    1. In the pop-up, click Verify.
  7. In Airbnb:
    1. Verify your email address.
      The verification must be performed in Airbnb — not via email or an external link.
  8. In Guesty:
    1. Your account will appear on the Airbnb distribution page.
    2. Once your account is approved and connected, the account status will change from "Pending" to "Connected".


      It can take up to 24 hours for the account status to change from "Pending" to "Connected"
      Learn more about what to do if your account status remains as "Pending" for longer than 24 hours.


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