Which reservations are synced to Guesty?

A reservation will sync to Guesty if its source, status, dates, and payment status are as mentioned below.

Reservation source

 Reservations can be synced from the following sources:

Reservation status

For reservations to be visible in the Guesty calendar, their status needs to be either Confirmed or Reserved. Reservations with Inquiry status will sync to Guesty as well, but won’t appear in the calendar, and won't block it. You can create a reservations report to track reservations of any status (such as Inquiry or Closed).

Reservation dates

In most cases, only reservations with future check-out dates (and all reservations with future check-ins) will sync to Guesty. 

For Airbnb, reservations with past check-out dates will be imported as well, but only with partial details.

For Vrbo, reservations cannot be automatically imported. You will need to send us a file with their details, and we will upload them for you.

Reservation payment status

For all booking channels (except Vrbo Lite users): 

As long as a reservation has a Confirmed or Reserved status, it will sync to Guesty regardless of its payment processing (which happens independently).

For Vrbo-Lite users: 

Only Confirmed reservations that are partly or fully paid will sync to Guesty. Inquiries won’t sync to Guesty, and must be managed directly in Vrbo. Also, a request to book policy is not supported for Lite users.

Listing status

The listing must be connected to the relevant channel.

Account status

The user's account in the connected channel must be active.

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