Unable to publish a listing to Vrbo

Vrbo does not allow listings to be published that do not comply with their requirements. For most of the requirements, Guesty will prevent you from publishing the listing in the first place, and display an error message.

See the list of common issues and how to handle them below.

If you were able to publish your listing but it is in "Failed" or "Contact Vrbo" status, or it has been in "pending",  status for more than 72 hours, see information here.

Wrong format of published address

For each listing in Guesty, you can set two types of addresses - the listing address and the published address. If you only set the listing address, it will be the default address that appears on the booking channels, the booking website, and quotes that are sent to guests.

To address the issue with the wrong format, ensure that the published address is set correctly by following the steps here.

Invalid address

"Listing should have a valid address"

When publishing a listing from the drop-down, the address is automatically broken down into components (street, city, zip code, etc.) that populate the address fields in Guesty’s database.

However, sometimes the Google Maps address is missing one or more of those components, which triggers the error message to appear.

See the following format here before initiating request to update your listing’s address.

Auto payment issue

"You can't publish the listing because:"

To integrate to Vrbo you must set a Guesty auto payment rule.

To comply, go to the listing: Automation Auto Payments Set up a "rest of payment" or "at confirmation"."

To resolve this issue, follow the steps here.

Listing missing

Listing does not appear in the drop-down menu when publishing

The list is limited in the number of displayed listings. If it doesn't appear in the drop-down, start typing its nickname, title, or address and the search bar will auto-populate with matching listings. Learn more

Other error messages


Contact the Vrbo iconVrbo indicates that you will need to contact Vrbo directly to resolve the particular issue. 

Contact the Vrbo iconVrbo to resolve a payment issue.

Share the property in the Vrbo iconVrbo's Listing Integration to go live.


Contact the Vrbo iconVrbo to unarchive the property to go live.


Contact the Vrbo iconVrbo to enable the property to go live.


Upload at least six images (JPG, GIF, or PNG) with a minimum resolution of 1920x1080 to publish the listing.


Add nightly rates to publish the listing.


Add the number of bathrooms to publish the listing.


Add the maximum occupancy to publish the listing.


Add the property's description (between 400 and 10,000 characters) to publish the listing.


Add the property's title (between 20 and 80 characters) to publish the listing.


Add the property's title/name (up to 400 characters) to publish the listing.


Select a property type to publish the listing.


Add the property's Google Maps verified address to publish the listing.


Add the property's Longitude and Latitude to publish the listing.


Contact the Vrbo iconVrbo to resolve an address verification issue.


Go to Vrbo's Local laws section to add the legal information your local jurisdiction requires to publish the listing. For more help, please Contact the Vrbo iconVrbo

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