Blocking or unblocking dates manually via the Multi-Calendar

You can manually block or unblock dates on a listing via the Multi-Calendar. The selected dates will be blocked or unblocked across all booking channels. A manual block is a type of flexible block, meaning it can be overridden. Learn more about managing blocks here.

You can create manual blocks for current or future dates, not for past dates (Pilot users can add manual blocks for past dates as well).

A block must be for two days or more. The block will be shown in gray in the Multi-Calendar, covering only part of the start date, and only part of the end date, since in a reservation, the guest will only be checking in on the start date / checking out on the end date, leaving most of these days vacant.

This means that if, for instance, Jan 5th is chosen as the "From" date and Jan 6th as the "To" date, there will be one block night on the calendar,  including only part of Jan 5th and Jan 6th.


  • A manual block won't block any of the multi-unit's sub-units. Therefore, it will not affect the number of unassigned sub-units in the calendar.
  • Beta users: If you are using Smart Calendar Rules, make sure you mark the "Include manual blocks" checkbox under the relevant rule if you'd like to automatically block the dates on another connected listing. Otherwise, blocking dates manually won't trigger the rules.
  • Confirmed, reserved, and awaiting payment reservations will automatically block the relevant dates on the listing's calendar.
  • Syncing delays may cause reservations to be booked on blocked days for Airbnb and Vrbo.


  • Instead of dragging the cursor, you can click a date on the relevant listing and select a date range across one or more nights in the upper part of the pop-up. You can use this method to block past dates; click on a future date and then change the date range manually in the pop-up window to a past date.

Follow the instructions below to block dates manually via the Multi-Calendar.

Blocking via the Multi-Calendar

Pro users Lite users

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click.
  3. Click and drag the cursor across the night(s) you wish to block on the row next to the relevant listing.  
  4. Adjust the block's dates under "From" and "To" (if needed).
  5. To create a manual block, mark the Manually blocked checkbox under "Availability".
    • If you see "Multiple availabilities", click Set, then mark the Manually blocked checkbox to block all the selected dates.
    • In case of a multi-unit: to block all the selected dates for all the related sub-units, click Set next to "Edit availability for all sub-units", then mark the Manually blocked checkbox.
  6. Under the "Note" field, enter the reason for blocking these dates.
    We recommend making sure a reason for blocking dates is always provided.
  7. Click Save.

Editing or removing a block via the Multi-Calendar

You can edit or remove a block for current and future dates via the Multi Calendar. If you need to adjust a block of past dates, use the listing's calendar.

Pro users Lite users

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click .
  3. Click on the relevant block in the calendar, marked in a light gray color.
  4. In the right sidebar, adjust the block's dates under "From" and "To" (if needed).
  5. To remove the block, uncheck the Manually blocked checkbox under "Availability", then click Save.
    • If you see "Multiple availabilities" under "Availability", unblock all the selected dates by clicking Set, marking the Manually blocked checkbox, and clicking Save. Repeat the step, only this time uncheck the Manually blocked checkbox, then click Save
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