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Creating a account and connecting it to Guesty

If you don't have a account already, you can create one directly through Guesty. If you already have a account, you need to connect it to Guesty. After connecting your account, you can connect your listings to, as described below.

Connecting your listings

You can connect your listings between and Guesty in one of the following ways: "Link" your listings, or "publish" a listing from Guesty to Publishing a listing allows more data synchronization than linking a listing, learn more about the differences here.


Make sure your listing is published to the booking channels before proceeding.

Proceed below according to the type of connection you'd like to set for the listing.

Linking your listings

You can create a listing both in and in Guesty, then link them. For the linking process to work, see here what actions you need to perform in your Extranet. Then, proceed to link your listing to Guesty.

Publishing your listings

You can create a listing just in Guesty, then "publish" it to 

Follow the process described in Publishing a listing.

Switching the listing's connection type

You can always change the connection type of a listing between rates and availability to full sync.

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