With Guesty's Automated Messages feature, you can simplify and automate guest communication, and send Automated messages to reservations with a "Confirmed" status (not "Inquiry" or "Reserved").

Follow the troubleshooting guide below to resolve issues with a scheduled message that was not sent for a "Confirmed "reservation.

Confirm you assigned the correct listing to your template

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The Automated Message associated with a workflow, or the workflow itself may have been deleted or deactivated. Check the status of the Workflow and its associated Automated Message by clicking the Automations menu.

Check when the communication Workflow was created or updated

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If a Communication Workflow was created after its scheduled sending time, messages will not apply to the reservation. The same can be applied to specific Auto Messages. Check the activity logs of the workflow so you can identify when the specific Auto Message was added to the workflow.

Check which sending conditions were set

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You can choose whether or not an Automated Message is sent based on the conditions you set. If you add a reservation-level Custom Field as a sending condition, Guesty checks it immediately before sending out the message per its schedule.

The message will not be sent if the Custom Field's toggle does not match the reservation details immediately before sending. However, when a listing-level Custom Field is added as a sending condition, Guesty checks it only when the reservation status is confirmed. The message will not be sent if the Custom Field's toggle does not match the reservation details at confirmation.  Moreover, if you delete the custom field without removing the condition from the Automated Message, it will not be sent.

When this happens, a "null" sending condition appears instead of the deleted Custom Field in the relevant message template. Contact us to remove this "null" condition. This action enables the Auto Message to re-apply for your existing and future reservations.

Check the reservation settings

Check if multiple Automated Messages or if a single message are turned off for a specific reservation.

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You can cancel the sending of either one Automated Message or multiple scheduled Automated Messages for a specific reservation.

Check if the reservation was imported 

Check if the reservation was imported into Guesty.

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An Automated Message which is triggered by a confirmation of a reservation, will not be sent if the reservation was imported to Guesty. Learn more.

Check the guest's contact Info

Check when the guest's phone number was added to the reservation.

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The correct guest phone number and email should be updated in the Workflow before the scheduled sending time of the Automated Message. If the number or email is missing or incorrect, the Automated Message will not be sent.

Check your Airbnb listings' settings

Check if your Airbnb Listing is connected and how the message flow is set.

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