Accounting reports: Overview

Accounting by Guesty is a premium feature available to Pro users only. Please contact us to discuss activating it.

Stay on top of your company's finances by using Guesty's Accounting reports. The reports are created based on the business models assigned to your listings. Read below about the different types of reports and how to add or reverse transactions to keep your records accurate.


Reservation reports are not affected by business models. If you are using Guesty's Accounting solution, use only Accounting reports.

Set up your business models and activate Accounting by Guesty before using Accounting reports.

Accounting Reports

  1. Owner activity reports display the recorded debit and credit transactions for all owners in your account.
  2. Disbursement reports display all recorded payments made from the trust account to your owners and vendors.
  3. Owner statements provide a summary of revenue, expenses, and payments related to a specific owner.
  4. Owner charge reports display all expenses charged to owners in your account.
  5. PMC earnings reports display your company's earnings.
  6. Balance reports display your company's balances for any ledger and any date you choose.


Please note that in order for the reports below (Deposits, Ledgers, Trial balance per listing, and Journal) to be accurate, you must choose Cash basis as your Accounting method and be sure to record any payout to an owner, vendor, or yourself (PMC) through the Balances report.

  1. Deposit reports display all deposits from a chosen month.
  2. Ledgers reports (Beta) display all journal entries created for each sub-ledger in Accounting.
  3. Trial balance per listing reports (Beta) display all funds held in the trust account for a specific day before payout.
  4. Journal reports (Beta) display all the cash ledger transactions for a selected month and shows the impact of each cash transaction on the cash balance.


Journal entries are included in every Accounting report according to the settings in the business model assigned to your listing.


A transaction is a business event that has a monetary impact on your company's financial statements. Read the information below to learn how to add or reverse a transaction in Guesty:


When you add a transaction, the type of transaction and account you select will determine to which report it is added.

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