You can create a single reservation manually, a group reservation manually (Pilot), or move a reservation from one listing to another, as long as the dates are available for booking, or whether the dates are under a "flexible" block, which can be overridden.
Learn below in which cases a listing won't be available for booking. 

Minimum/maximum nights

The number of minimum/maximum nights set on the destination listing may be lower than that of the original listing. Learn how to change the minimum/maximum nights on the destination listing's calendar.


The number of guests in the reservation is more than the listing’s maximum occupancy. Learn here how to change a listing's occupancy.


The destination city might be from another city than that of the original listing.

Manual calendar blocks

You can block dates on a listing's calendar at any time. The dates on the destination listing may have been manually blocked. Check to see if this is the case and unblock them if relevant.

Calendar availability

The availability settings on the destination listing may be preventing the change. The listing's calendar may be blocked by the following items.

Click the above links to learn how to adjust these settings.

Multi-units reservations 

Pro users only:
  • You cannot directly assign a sub-unit from a different multi-unit. You will need to reassign the listing to the multi-unit (mother unit) first, and then assign it to a specific sub-unit.
  • If there are unassigned reservations for a multi-unit, and only one sub-unit is left available for booking, the sub-unit will automatically be blocked.
  • You can move a reservation to a sub-unit that is unlisted. However, it is not possible to move a reservation to a sub-unit that is not an active listing in Guesty.
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