Covering the Guesty Damage Protection cost

With Guesty's Damage Protection, you can receive compensation for damages caused by guests during their stay without confronting them. You can cover the added billing cost for Guesty's Damage Protection in the following ways.

We recommend setting this up right before you activate Damage Protection, to avoid any gaps between what you will be billed and what you are collecting.


Any new fees created or pricing changes will only apply to new reservations. If your Damage Protection plan was set up to cover current booked reservations, you can try to retrieve the funds from guests for these existing reservations by adding an additional fee manually.

Pro users Lite users

  • Damage waiver fee: Create an additional fee for it and make sure you turn on the Sync fee to channels toggle so it is automatically added to reservations.


Make sure you understand which channels sync additional fees, and any channel-specific guidelines or exceptions including who is responsible for collecting payment

  • Add it to the accommodation fare in Guesty: Use a pricing application or Guesty's Revenue Management to increase the listing's base price (weekday or weekend) so that the added cost is embodied in the accommodation fare.
  • Add it to the cleaning fee in Guesty: This will have a smaller impact on pricing and ranking compared to adding the added cost to the accommodation fare, explained above.
  • Ask the owner to "opt-in" to the Damage Protection plan: Invoice the owner for the fee monthly, when you are billed by Guesty.
  • Hybrid approach: Combine any or all of the above approaches to spread out the added cost across the additional fee, accommodation fare, cleaning fee, and/or owner. For example, if you chose a Damage Protection plan that costs $50 per reservation, you can cover it in the following way:
    • The owner pays $25.
    • You pay $25, which you choose to cover with a $5 additional fee and by adding $20 to the cleaning fee.
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