Creating a new reservation source

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Each reservation that comes into Guesty requires a source. The following sources are added automatically and cannot be altered or removed:

Pro users Lite users

  • Booking channel, e.g. Airbnb or Vrbo
  • Guesty Booking Engine: Source code "website"
  • Guesty Booking Engine API: Source code "BE API"

Reservations that are created manually in Guesty default to the source code "manual"


The source code is case-sensitive. If typing "manual" as the reservation source, use sentence-case  (manual and not Manual). When typing "Manual", a new reservation source will be created, different from the default "manual".
  • The source code should be changed at the time of creation for accurate reporting. 
  • The source code cannot be altered or removed after the reservation is created.
  • You can either choose an existing source from the list of available sources or enter a new source manually.
To create a new reservation source for manual bookings, you need to create a manual reservation. follow the steps below.

Step by step:

  1. Follow the steps in this article to create a reservation, up until the channel and status step is reached.
    • Note you can create a reservation via the main dashboard, the Multi Calendar, or the listing's Monthly Calendar.
  2. After filling in the relevant guest and price details, click Channel & Status.
  3. In the text box under "Channel", enter the new source name.
  4. Click {new source name} (new).
  5. Finish creating the reservation.
  6. At the bottom of the sidebar, click Book reservation.  
The new source will be added to the list of available sources, which is ordered from the newest source, most recently added, to the oldest source. If at any point, there are no more existing reservations from manual source X, it will no longer appear in the list of sources.


Contact us to change a manual source. For example, if the name was misspelled.

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