About Services Fees and viewing them on Airbnb

A "service fee" is a specific Airbnb fee included to a booking in order to cover the cost of Airbnb's administrative/operational services. Airbnb will charge a service fee as soon as a booking is confirmed.


About "Service Fee" charges

Airbnb will charge a fee to help cover the cost of services (e.g. 24/7 customer support).
This fee is a percentage of the cost of the reservation. The total amount for the fee depends a few different factors, including the cancellation policy.

Only a host will be charged for this type of fee, Guests won't be charged a service fee.

Keep in mind, the option to split service fees between hosts and guests is unavailable for listings in certain countries.
A flat "host-only service" fee will be deducted by Airbnb from the reservation's payout.


This is charged by Airbnb, and not Guesty. Please contact Airbnb directly to resolve any issues related to this topic.

There are two different fee structures, Split fees or Host-only fees.

Split fee

The split fee structure is the most common, and the charge will be split between the Host and guests.

Host-only fee

The Host-only fee is mandatory for software-connected Hosts and traditional hospitality listings (e.g. hotels, serviced apartments, etc.).

All Hosts that sync their listings with Guesty will be enrolled to the "host-only fee".
You won't be able to opt out, unless the majority of your listings are in Argentina, the Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Uruguay, or the United States.


The above changes don't apply to hotels or traditional hospitality listings.
Existing reservations are unaffected by the change.


Viewing an Airbnb booking's service fee

Airbnb can provide all affected customers with full details by email.

Learn more about fees with Airbnb's Help Center, or contact Airbnb for more information about specific countries and to learn where the service fees can be seen on Airbnb. 

Follow the instructions below to view a booking's service fee.

Step by step:

  1. Sign into your Airbnb account.
  2. Go to Transaction history.
  3. Select the reservation code.
  4. Go to Payout to for the Airbnb Service Fee.

This is charged by Airbnb, and not Guesty. Please contact Airbnb directly to resolve any issues related to this topic.


Increase the markup in Guesty on listings in these countries to cover the higher percentage.
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