Syncing basic fees & additional fees with Airbnb

There are different types of fees you can add to your listings and nightly rates.
Let’s review all the Basic, Additional, and Offline fees that can be synced between Guesty and Airbnb.


Keep in mind that Basic and Additional Fees won’t apply to reservations that are booked with a special offer on Airbnb.


Creating a fee

You can create a fee for either the entire account or for a specific listing.

Keep in mind that for additional fees in specific property listings, you must turn the Use your account's default settings toggle off, in order for your additional fee customizations to sync between Guesty and Airbnb.


Basic fees

Airbnb has two Basic Fees you can sync with Guesty — a Cleaning Fee and an Extra person Fee.

Cleaning fee

The Cleaning Fee is per stay, and will be presented individually in the invoice breakdown.
The amount for the Cleaning Fee must be between $5 USD and $600 USD + 25% of the Nightly Rate.

Learn how to set up your cleaning fee.


Luxe listings map the Cleaning Fee as a "Damage Waiver", therefore the Guesty invoice will display "Damage waiver - PASS_THROUGH_DAMAGE_WAIVER”.


Extra person fee

The Extra Person Fee is per person and per night, and will be included in the nightly rate.
The flat-rate price will be added for each additional guest.

The amount for the Extra person Fee must be between $5 USD and $300 USD.

If you set the fee in Guesty below or above that range, Airbnb will automatically adjust it to the nearest valid amount.
For example: Airbnb will round up and change a rate of $3 USD to $5 USD, or $325 to $300.

Learn how to set up your Extra Person Fee.

Additional fees

Once set up in Airbnb, the following Airbnb Additional Fees are incorporated into the nightly price, and not presented individually to the guest:

  • Resort fee
    This is for amenities/services provided by vendors within your property—specifically resort or hotels.
  • Management fee
    This is for general administration and business expenses.
    • "Damage waiver fee" will be collected as a "Management fee"
  • Community fee
    This is for building, community, or homeowner association (HOA) fees for short-term rental properties.
  • Pet fee
    Learn more about adding a Pet Fee to an Airbnb listing.
  • Linen fee
    This is for linens and towels.
    The "Linen fee" is incorporated into the "Cleaning fee".


All the additional fees and its inventory must have a valid combination to sync. Learn how additional fees are mapped between Guesty and Airbnb.


How additional fees are calculated

In order for your Additional Fees to sync between Airbnb and Guesty, you must choose to either set the calculation rate as a fixed fee (Per stay) or a percentage fee (of accommodation fare + cleaning fee) when you create the new fee.

Learn more about how additional fees are calculated.


Offline fees

An Offline Fee that is separate from the reservation rate.
Airbnb's Offline Fees are presented to the guest as part of the reservation process on Airbnb, and are typically non-refundable since they’re charged during check-in or check-out.

The only Offline Fees available for syncing is the Security Deposit fee.

The amount for the Security deposit fee must be between $100 USD and $5000 USD per stay.

Learn how to add a Security Deposit Fee.

Important things to know

  • This fee can be refundable, unless the host will make a claim within 48 hours after the guest has checked out.
    In addition, Offline Fees won’t be refunded if a booking is canceled before check-in, since it hasn’t been collected yet.
  • If the listing is Instant-book, Offline Fees will be calculated and shown to the guest as part of the total cost.
  • If the listing is Request-to-book, Offline Fees will be presented to the guest before the request is finalized.
  • If a fee is calculated based on usage, the rate will be shown instead.
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