Linking a listing with Guesty

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After connecting your and Guesty accounts, you can connect your listings in two ways:

  • Publish” your existing listings in Guesty to Create a listing from scratch in Guesty, and add it directly to Learn more here.
  • Link” your existing listings in Guesty to your existing listings in, and manage them in Guesty, as described below.

Once you establish the link between listings to Guesty, and their connection status will be “connected”, reservations with future check-out dates (and all reservations with future check-in dates) will automatically be imported into Guesty. You’ll be able to manage all communication, rates, and availability from Guesty.

Before you begin

Read the following facts and limitations:

You can link your listings in Guesty via the main distribution page, or from a specific account's page.

Step by step

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the icon drop-down menu and select Growth mode.
  3. Click Distribution.
  4. Click the thumbnail.
  5. If you haven’t linked a listing before, click Start linking your listings. Otherwise, click Link at the top right of the distribution page. Alternatively, click on the relevant account. In the top right corner of the account page, click Link listing at the top right corner.
  6. In the “Select property” page, insert the property ID to the textbox.
    • You can retrieve the property ID from the Extranet’s property dashboard.
  7. In the “Link to your Guesty listing(s)” page, under “Matching listing in Guesty”, select the relevant listing in Guesty. You can search the listing by typing the listing’s name, nickname, or address.
    • If linking a complex: On the left-hand side, the main complex will be displayed first, and each room type will be displayed in a different row below. Under “Matching listing in Guesty”, for each room type in, select the matching sub-unit in Guesty.
    • If linking a multi-unit: select the main unit in Guesty (not the sub-units).

8. In the “Listing policy setup” page, you’ll be prompted to select and apply a rate plan(s) or a cancelation policy for every listing. please note that this will override any existing rate plans that were set up on and, therefore, any assigned promotion as well.

  • If you’ve already created a rate plan(s) in Guesty for this listing, click Next to apply the listing’s rate plan(s). You can see all the existing rate plans for this listing displayed below. If you’d like to edit your existing rate plan(s), click here.
  • If the listing is not assigned to any rate plan yet, select Rate plan (for multiple listings) or a Cancellation policy (per listing)
    • Note you can create and apply more than one rate plan for the same listing, and use the same rate plan for multiple listings. However, you can create only one cancellation policy for a specific listing.
    • In the case of a complex, each room type is represented as a separate listing in Guesty. You need to assign a rate plan for each listing.

9. If you choose to create a rate plan, click Create your first Rate plan, and follow the setup instructions. If you choose to create a cancellation policy, select a policy and a cancellation fee from the dropdowns.

  • A cancellation policy will be displayed on as a rate plan.
  • For a complex, during the link flow you can select only one cancelation policy for all the listing. You can later adjust your cancellation policy per listing in Guesty.

10. Click Link property to Guesty in the top right.

Finalize the setup in

To finalize the connection process and make sure your configuration is similar to Guesty, you will need to set up the following items in

  • Taxes
  • The cleaning fee must be set up in Guesty as well as the Extranet
  • Authorization hold
  • Any additional fields you need


  • Contact us if the listing is not connected after three days.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot common connection problems here.
  • If you do not have a LEID in place, follow these instructions.
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