What are “room types” in a complex?

A complex is a hotel-like property, consisting of different types of rooms (such as “suite”, “standard room”, etc.). It is Guesty’s equivalent of a “hotel” in other booking channels. A complex listing allows you to offer different types of rooms in one location, having separate facilities and pricing for the different room types. Learn how to create a complex in Guesty. A complex is made up of a set of listings, which can be either single-units, multi-units, or both.
A single unit is a listing consisting of one unit of a single type, such as a “suite” type.

A multi-unit is a listing comprised of multiple units of the same type. For example, a multi-unit listing can be composed of three rooms of a “standard room” type. Each room is a “sub-unit” of the multi-unit. When a guest books a room in a multi-unit, you can allocate any of the available sub-units of the multi-unit for their stay. Therefore, sub-units should be similar to one another in their characteristics, including their facilities, size, and pricing.

A complex can consist of different types of rooms under the same roof. For example, one complex can include: 

  • A multi-unit, composed of three sub-units from a “standard room” type 
  • A single-unit, comprised of one unit of a “suite” type.


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