Nightly rates and default minimum nights: Overview

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When you create a listing, you set its base price and default minimum nights.

Both of these settings can be changed on a specific listing for specific dates. The new price for those dates will be known as a "nightly rate" and the minimum nights for those dates will no longer be the default setting.

Managing nightly rates

Nightly rates are the result of applying a price change to the listing's base price for a specific date or range of dates, superseding the base price.
You can set a nightly rate through the Multi Calendar or the Listing's calendar. You can also manage nightly rates automatically with a Rate Strategy, updating nightly rates in bulk on a daily basis.

Managing minimum nights

Minimum nights are the number of nights required to make a reservation. They are calculated based on the guest's chosen check-in date. The number of minimum nights for each date is seen next to the moon icon in the listing's calendar. You can change the default minimum nights for a specific date or range of dates, superseding the default minimum nights.

You can set specific minimum nights through the Listing's calendar or the Multi Calendar. In the case of multi-units, you can apply a different minimum number of nights to all the sub-units or for a specific sub-unit. You can also manage specific minimum nights with a Rate Strategy, updating minimum nights in bulk on a daily basis.


If you see a different value of minimum nights in the calendar than what you have set in your default, this is likely due to a 3rd party pricing tool you have linked that is overriding the default in Guesty.
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