Best practices: How to increase your guest review rating/scores

Below are some recommendations to help you enhance your quality scores, draw in more guests, and create memorable experiences that lead to positive reviews and repeat bookings.

Tips to increase your guest reviews

  • Prepare guest appreciation gifts
    Some ideas for gifts could be local snacks, personalized notes, or branded merchandise. This gesture can create a positive impression and help motivate guests to leave glowing reviews.
  • Stay on top of communication with your guests while keeping your response rate high with our communication tools
    Communication is one of the most important things when it comes to a good hosting experience. Use Guesty’s tools to help keep a line of communication:
    • GCS
      Utilize the Guest Communication Service to help save time and effort while boosting the flow of communication for potential guests and current guests.
      Our Guest Service Experts work 24/7 to ensure that you won’t miss any inquiries or booking requests, and that your guests will receive a highly professional and hospitable service.
    • Auto Messages & Workflows
      To streamline the process of requesting reviews from guests, it's essential to establish an automated message Workflow/Message Automation. This can ensure consistency and timeliness in receiving feedback from guests after their stay.
      Learn more with our Auto Message best practices.
    • Auto Response
      Similar to Auto Messages, Auto Response is a more simplified feature that allows you to set up automatic responses for specific times during the reservation cycle (e.g., the day of check-in, during the guest’s stay, etc.).
    • Saved Replies
      Creating Saved Replies templates to use while responding to guests will save you time on FAQs and other common topics guests about, as well as, keep communication on brand if you’re using our Guest Communication Service.
  • Surprise guests with complimentary room upgrades or additional amenities during their stay
    When a guest mentions specific details about their stay — for example, celebrating their anniversary — take this opportunity to surprise them with a VIP package of wine/chocolates, room upgrades, etc.
    This unexpected gesture can delight guests and increase their likelihood of leaving a review.
  • Create a referral program where guests who refer friends or family members receive exclusive perks or discounts on their next stay
    This encourages guests to spread the word about their positive experiences and leave positive reviews.

  • Pledge to donate a portion of each booking's proceeds to a charitable cause
    Guests may feel more inclined to leave positive reviews knowing that their stay contributes to a meaningful cause.

  • Send personalized thank-you notes or emails to guests after their stay
    This is a great opportunity to express gratitude for their visit, highlight specific moments or aspects of their experience that stood out, and make them feel special by going the extra mile until the very end.
    This personal touch can leave a lasting impression and encourage guests to reciprocate with positive reviews.

  • Encourage positive feedback by leaving your guest a good review
    You can easily set up Auto Reviews for your Airbnb listings directly in Guesty.
    With this feature, you’ll create a template for the review, choose when you'd like reviews to be posted, and set the default star rating (between 1-5).


    You can also view an Airbnb guest’s review directly in Guesty.

Encourage guests to leave feedback

You can show appreciation by rewarding guests for leaving reviews (e.g., future upgrades, gift cards, extended check-out times, VIP treatment, special experiences, etc.).

Below are some examples of the types of rewards you can provide guests both during the stay or as recognition for giving good reviews:

  1. Discounts on future stays
  2. Complimentary upgrades
  3. Exclusive access to amenities
  4. Gift cards or vouchers
  5. Extended check-out time
  6. VIP treatment
  7. Free transportation
  8. Special packages or experiences
  9. Charitable donations


Managing and monitoring guest reviews

Below are our different Guesty features and partners to help you organize, manage, and keep track of your guest reviews.

Reviews dashboard (add-on for Pro users only)

The Reviews dashboard is one of the tools included in the Advanced Analytics add-on. Here you can view in-depth analytical data of Airbnb and guest reviews, and post public responses directly from Guesty.

We recommend you focus on the lower scores, try to understand the reason for the feedback, and apply any change that is needed to avoid similar situations in future stays.


Using Guesty’s Marketplace Partners

Our esteemed Marketplace Partners offer tailored solutions to streamline the review process, ensuring prompt responses and enhancing guest satisfaction. By integrating these tools seamlessly into your Guesty dashboard, you can effortlessly foresee, request, monitor, and respond to reviews — and ultimately boosting your property's reputation.

Below are some of the Marketplace Partners that we recommend:

  • Sparrow
    Utilize Sparrow to help you respond to and manage reviews. Plus, AI features include review predictions (based on conversations between guests and hosts), comprehensive insights and trends, and more.
  • Reva
    You can look forward to Reva consolidating and organizing reviews from every channel into one centralized dashboard, AI-powered responses to reviews, trend reports to identify problem properties, reward high-performing staff, and more.
  • Revyoos
    Get more control over your reviews, boost SEO, a ChatGPT integration to respond to reviews, and more with Revyoos.
  • Repuso
    You can use Repuso to help you monitor all your social proof channels (Airbnb, Google,, Tripadvisor, etc.) for guest reviews.
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