Managing the Owners Portal Help Center and sending PDF manuals

Owners have access to articles to provide answers to FAQs and help them learn how to use the Owners Portal.
As their property manager, you can quickly and easily resolve common questions or issues property owners might encounter with our Owners Portal manual PDF files.

Below we'll explain how to access and/or send the articles.

Owners Portal Help Center


This is currently available for Pilot users only.

You can enable or disable the owner's Help Center in the Owners Portal via your owner's profile in the "Feature" settings section.
Once enabled, your owner will see a new tab in their portal labeled "Help Center" and can download the articles as PDF files.


Sending Owners Portal PDF manuals to your owner

Below are the different PDF instruction manuals that you can send directly to your owner or upload to the Owners Portal Documents page:

  1. Accepting an invitation to the Owners Portal
  2. Resetting your Owners Portal password via email
  3. Updating your Owners Portal password via the Owners Portal
  4. Booking a personal stay
  5. Using the Reservation Reports page
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