Navigating the GuestyPay dashboard and reports

The GuestyPay dashboard is the designated hub for all your GuestyPay payment processing data. Our reports detail your transactions, settlements, payouts, and chargebacks. Read more below.


Find out more information about getting started with GuestyPay by clicking here. Once you are approved for GuestyPay, you will receive login credentials for your dashboard.

How to access the reports

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Financials mode.
  3. Click Payment processing.
  4. In the GuestyPay section, click on Payment dashboard.
  5. You will be redirected to the dashboard login page. Insert your username and password and click Sign in.


If you forgot your GuestyPay dashboard password, click here for information on resetting it. 

Terms to know

Sales - processed charges
Credits - refunds
Chargeback - the reversal of a payment made by a client to a merchant 
Sub-accounts - GuestyPay payment processing accounts
Platform accounts - Guesty accounts
Settlements - daily summary of transactions
Balance - the total amount of money in the GuestyPay processing account
Reserve balance - 10% of the total of all GuestyPay transactions are kept in a reserve balance and held for 90 days in order to account for any refunds or chargebacks that could occur
Payouts - money taken out of the GuestyPay account balance and moved to your bank account
Outgoing fees - total fees for a transaction

GuestyPay reports

In the left-hand menu, click Sub-account reports and the dropdown menu will show the following reports: 

Account balance

The account balance report gives a high-level glance into what your current GuestyPay balance is at any time. See more information here.

Payouts and payouts reconciliation

The payouts report gives a detailed overview of the payouts taken out of the account balance and moved to the associated bank account registered to GuestyPay and the payouts reconciliation report takes all the information from every dashboard report and consolidates it into one report. See more information here


The settlements report shows a summary of the daily payment processing activity in your GuestyPay account. See more information here.

Transactions and transactions summary

The transactions summary report shows your daily GuestyPay activity and the transactions report highlights all your transactions processed in GuestyPay. See more information here.

Fees summary

The fees summary report shows the total fees for GuestyPay transactions. See more information here.

Chargeback analysis

The chargeback analysis report gives insight into all chargebacks recorded in your GuestyPay account. See more information here.

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