When you create a Booking.com account, either on Booking.com or directly via Guesty (Pro users only), the account automatically receives a Legal Entity Identifier (LEID) associated with it. Any listings you create under this account will be assigned to this LEID.
If you create a Booking.com account via Guesty, the LEID will be received by Guesty during the setup (Pro users). If you want to connect your existing Booking.com account to Guesty, you must have at least one listing existing under the account's LEID. Following the connection, Guesty will receive the LEID of the account. 
After connecting your Booking.com account, all the listings you published via Guesty will be added to the account's LEID automatically. 

Guesty Lite users

Note the following limitations:

  • You can only connect one Booking.com account to Guesty (For example, LEID 87654321). 
  • You can only link your existing Guesty listings to your Booking.com listings.
  • You can only link listings that are assigned to the LEID of the connected account in Guesty (LEID 87654321). You cannot link listings that are assigned to any other Booking.com account (other than 87654321).

Checking if Guesty received the account's LEID (Pro users)

You can check the LEID number by navigating to the Booking.com distribution page. If there is no valid number under the "LEID number" column, Guesty doesn't have the account's LEID.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Growth mode.
  3. Click Distribution
  4. Click the Booking.com thumbnail

Having an account without LEID info in Guesty 

In the past, having a LEID was not required by Booking.com. Now, every new account created in Booking.com will have a LEID in place. Also, existing Booking.com accounts received a LEID retroactively from Booking.com. In the latter case, if your account was connected to Guesty before receiving a LEID, your LEID information was not imported to Guesty. 

Publishing listings (Pro users)

Previously, you could publish listings from Guesty to a Booking.com account even if it had no LEID in place, but this is no longer supported. You will need to contact Booking.com and ask to receive your account LEID. Then, contact us with the following details:
  • The LEID number of your account.

  • The IDs of the listings you want to associate with the LEID account. Follow these instructions to locate the listing ID.

Linking listings

Lite users

Guesty retrieved the LEID of your Booking.com as part of the linking process while connecting your account.

Pro users

If you try to link a listing from an account that has no LEID info in Guesty, you will be asked to connect a LEID account to Guesty first, and only then you can link the listing.

When clicking Link listing in the Booking.com dashboard, a popup will appear, asking you to connect a LEID account to Guesty. The LEID will be pulled from Booking.com automatically (appearing in the upper field).
Once connected, the LEID account will be added in a separate row in the dashboard. You can now link your listing from this account. 


You can only link listings to Guesty by using the Booking.com account's LEID that the listing is assigned to in Booking.com.

Meaning, if the listing's Hotel ID is assigned to LEID 12345678 in Booking.com, you cannot link the listing from a LEID account different than LEID 12345678 in Guesty.

Connecting a LEID account (Pro users)

If you have a Booking.com account in Guesty without LEID info, and you want to connect a LEID account you have to Guesty, when clicking Add account, you'll be asked to add a Property ID.

If all your listings are assigned to the account with no LEID info (default), you can still use one of the already connected properties just to connect the new account (This listing will remain assigned to the non-LEID account).

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