Adjusting the nightly rates and recommended pricing for Guesty PriceOptimizer


If you make manual adjustments to pricing in the multi-calendar it will sync with PriceOptimizer, appearing as a manual price in the pricing forecast graph. Learn more.

Guesty PriceOptimizer is a data-driven, machine-learning tool that gives you recommendations for your listings' nightly rates based on different time period intervals. Our interactive software takes several details into account based on market trends to offer the best-suggested prices.

PriceOptimizer helps maximize revenue and occupancy while saving you time and minimizing manual mistakes, making it an ideal tool for your property management business. Suggested prices can be manually adjusted at any time based on your individual needs.

Follow the instructions below and read about the different ways you can adjust the pricing.

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Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Growth.
  3. Click PriceOptimizer.
  4. Find the listing(s) for which you want to adjust the pricing. You can search for a specific listing by name or nickname or use the filters to find all listings that match your specific criteria.
  5. Select the relevant listing and edit the settings according to your needs.
  6. Click Apply x change(s) in the top right corner and select Apply again in the confirmation pop-up whenever a change is made.

Read all about the different manual change options PriceOptimizer has below.

Pricing forecast

In the Pricing forecast tab, you can adjust the nightly rate and the minimum/maximum rate limits.

Changing the nightly rate

If you want to override the recommended nightly rate, follow the line in the graph until you reach your preferred date. Click on the date and enter the new price or adjust the current price by dragging the price up or down.

If you want to override the rates for multiple days, highlight the days by dragging to the left or right of the selected date and input a new fixed price or adjust the price by percentage. You can manually override pricing for a maximum of 7 days at once. After a nightly rate is adjusted, a purple line will appear in the graph to highlight the manual price change.


See instructions here to remove or reverse a manual override.

Changing the minimum/maximum rate limits

The minimum and maximum controllers define the highest and lowest price you can set for your listing. If you want to override the minimum or maximum limits generated for your listing, enter the new limit manually or drag the current limit to the new price you want in the chart. The green controller is for the minimum and red is for the maximum. The maximum price that can be applied is ten times the base price.


The option to change limits by the dragging feature within the chart is only available in the 1 year view and not in the 6 months, 1 month, or 1 week view.

Pricing strategy

Dynamic factors are parameters taken into account and applied to the base price to generate the recommended nightly rate. The dynamic factors we feature are days of the week, seasonality, and holidays. We compare your property with others that have similar attributes and make adjustments based on local market changes. In the Pricing strategy tab, you can adjust the listing's base price and determine the impact dynamic factors will have on your pricing. 


Whenever a change is made, make sure to click Apply x change(s) in the top right corner of your screen and select Apply again in the confirmation pop-up. Your changes will not be saved if you navigate away from the page without clicking Apply

Base price strategy

The base price is the starting point for your pricing. Choose PriceOptimizer's recommended pricing or control the pricing yourself in this section.

Base price settings

  • Select Automatic base price to see the recommended pricing from PriceOptimizer's algorithm. Keep the recommended pricing or take a more conservative approach (20% lower) or a more aggressive approach (20% higher).

  • Select Manual base price to set a fixed base price that remains constant regardless of market changes.

Price limits strategy

Stay within your desired pricing range by customizing your pricing with default minimum and maximum limits. Guesty PriceOptimizer’s algorithm will always stay within your default limits unless you add time-based rules for time periods like holidays, events, or seasons. For example, let's say your minimum price default is set at $800 and your maximum is $1300. However, you want to raise the default prices for the summer months. In this case, you can set a time-based rule and adjust the minimum and maximum pricing to apply to the months of May through October. The other months of the year will adhere to your default pricing.

Pricing impact settings

Save time by automatically impacting pricing based on market conditions, or increase control by impacting them manually with rules based on your experience for each of the following factors:

  • Day-of-week
  • Seasonal
  • Holiday

Select Automatic pricing impact to use the recommended pricing from PriceOptimizer's algorithm. Keep the recommended pricing or take a more conservative approach (20% lower) or a more aggressive approach (20% higher). 

Select Manual pricing impact to manually set the pricing impact for specific days of the week, seasons or holidays. The impact will be derived from each day's base price and added to the day/season/holiday impact calculations. Any manual adjustment you make is constant year-round regardless of market conditions.

For example, as illustrated in the gif below: 

  • Decrease the pricing impact on Mondays by 10%
  • Increase the pricing impact on Fridays by 20%
  • For all other days of the week, 0% = PriceOptimizer recommendations


A list of holidays will be pre-selected based on the listing's country. To view the list of holidays, click Holiday then Manual pricing impact.

Seasonal date range impact / Time-based rules

In addition to controlling the seasonality impact per month as shown above, you can also define rules for a date range, like an event or holiday period. The date range rules are more specific and will override the values that were set at the month level.

Minimum night rules

With Minimum right rules, you can set minimum stay requirements for reservations by day-of-week, time period, and upcoming availability.

Last minute pricing

Last minute pricing allows you to review and customize the impact of last minute bookings on your pricing strategy. 

Demand pacing

Demand pacing allow you to fully control the impact pricing has based on occupancy relating to the number of days before check-in, giving you the flexibility to adjust nightly rates based on occupancy and lead time.

Local events

Instead of making manual adjustments for premium dates that are not recognized under holiday pricing strategies, you can create a local event rule that is reflected in your overall pricing strategy data.

Competitive benchmarking

Gain a better understanding of your listings' performance in comparison to direct competition with Guetsy PriceOptimizer's competitive benchmarking. You can build your own competition group by adding or updating listings and searching for more information on them. 

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