Connect your account and listings to Google Vacation Rentals

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time.

You can publish your Google Vacation Rentals listings to Guesty without any commission or referral costs, and enjoy more exposure and direct bookings. Once your Guesty account is connected to Google Vacation Rentals, you can publish listings at any time, and the content will be synced across the platforms. Follow the instructions below to connect to Google Vacation Rentals. 

Learn here where you should manage your Google Vacation Rentals listings, reservations, and guest communication after connecting.

Before you begin

Synchronization frequency

Google Vacation Rentals syncs the listing's data from Guesty every 2-3 days every week.

Connection status

  • When connecting new listings to Google Vacation Rentals, your listings may be under "Pending" status for up to three weeks while Google verifies your listings' components. In case the listings are "Pending" for longer than three weeks, please contact us
  • Learn about the connection statuses & basic troubleshooting here.

Channel's subscription fee

This is a premium distribution channel, see the subscription fee below. For more billing details, please review our terms and conditions here. Additionally, you can review the information by hovering over the premium banner located on Google's thumbnail and then clicking View pricing plan.

  • The price is $4 USD per listing.
    • Payment will begin once the listing is fully connected
    • if you'd like to connect with Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy as well, the price per listing is $6 USD per listing. 
  • If you have a Guesty Advanced Website, the subscription is free.
  • Users with more than 50 listings are entitled to the following discount:

Guesty Booking Engine

The Google-Guesty integration works in conjunction with Guesty’s Booking Engine/ Booking Engine API. Your listings must be connected to one of these to be able to integrate with Google. Learn more below.

Channel requirements and limitations

  • Your property must adhere to Google's listings requirements.
  • A listing must have eight photos featured and at least one photo per room in order to be integrated with Google Vacation Rentals. For more information, please refer to Google’s photo recommendations and best practices.
  • Shared rooms and private rooms cannot be synced with Google, as Google allows only entire homes/apartments.
  • Listings with the word "Hotel" in their name cannot be synced with Google, as Google doesn't identify hotels as vacation rental properties (Hotel/Motel/Aparthotel types are not supported).
  • Listings types supported: Multi-units and single-units (not complexes).
  • Currently, Guesty is not integrated with Google Hotels. Therefore, guests cannot book a reservation directly via Google (available for Google Hotels). Also, there is no support for Google Hotels features (such as Google My Business). 

Connecting your account and listings

Step by step:

  1. Set up your Booking Engine / Booking Website: 
    • If you do not have any Booking Engines/Booking Engine APIs, you must create one in order to connect to Google Vacation Rentals.
    • If you are a Booking Engine user, please make sure your Booking Websites have been upgraded to Guesty Booking Engines.
    • If you are a Booking Engine API user, please make sure your Booking Engine API uses the reservation quote flow endpoints.
    • Booking Engine API users will have to make adjustments to their API in order to connect it to Google.

  2. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  3. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Growth mode.
  4. Click Distribution.
  5. Click the Google thumbnail.
  6. Click Start connecting to Google to begin the integration.
    • It may take 10-15 seconds to load before the next page appears.
  7. Check the boxes to select the Booking Engines/ Booking Engine APIs you wish to connect.
    • If you need to leave the setup flow to update or create a Booking Engine/Booking Engine API, when you return to the setup you will be led to an empty integration page. Click Add Listings to add a Booking Engine.
    • If your Booking Engines/Booking Engine APIs are not displayed, make sure that they have been updated.
    • Under your Booking Engine APIs, you might see an orange message that says "Missing information to connect". Make sure you have followed all instructions to set up the requirements for Google.
  8. Click Connect listings.
  9. Your listings will be connected to the selected Booking Engines. Click Continue to Google integration dashboard

Once you've created your listing in your Guesty account and requested for it to be published to Google, you can easily see the status of the listing. Follow the status changes until you see it was successfully connected.

Adding additional fees and taxes

Adding additional listings

Any listings added/removed from a Booking Engine that is connected to Google will automatically be added/removed from the Google integration as well.

Learn how to specify which listings will appear on your Booking Engine/Booking Engine API.

Adding additional listings to multiple Booking Engines

Listings published to more than one Booking Engine/Booking Engine API will be prioritized according to the following:

  • If both Booking Engines were not published to Google at the same time, the one that was published first will take precedence.

  • If a listing is published to both a Booking Engine and a Booking Engine API, the Booking Engine will take precedence.

  • The Booking Engine or Booking Engine API with an earlier creation date will take precedence.

To view which landing page was sent to Google:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Growth mode.
  3. Click Distribution.
  4. Click the Google thumbnail.
  5. On your Google Vacation Rentals dashboard under "Connected Booking Engine", you can view the link to the landing page that was sent to Google.

Disconnecting or removing a listing

  • To disconnect a listing from Google Vacation Rentals, please contact us.
  • To completely remove a failed/disconnected listing, you must first remove the listing from the relevant Guesty Booking Engine/ Guesty Booking Website. Should you encounter any issues, please contact us.

Disconnecting a Booking Engine

To disconnect a Booking Engine/ Booking Engine API that was previously connected to Google, please contact us.

Making changes to a listing after initiating the connection process

Making changes to listings after the connection process with the channel was initiated, can only be synced to the channel if the listing’s status is either “Failed” or “Connected”.

For example, if you finished the connection setup to a channel, and the listing is in “Pending” status, adding images to the listing in Guesty won’t be synced to the channel. You will need to wait for the listing’s connection status to change to "Connected", or "Failed".

If the status changed to “Connected”, the added images will be synced to the channel.

If the status changes to “Failed” you will need to initiate the connection process again (the photos will be pushed to the channel).

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