What is the difference between Google Vacation Rentals vs. Google Hotels?

Vacation rental properties and hotel-type properties can be different on Google.
Lodging accommodations in Google fall into 3 distinct categories:

  • Hotels
  • Vacation rentals
  • Outdoor lodging


"Hotels" are supported via the Google Hotels integration, while "vacation rentals" and "outdoor lodging" are supported via the Google Vacation Rentals integration.
Guesty’s supports Google's Vacation Rentals integration.


Comparing Google Hotels vs. Google Vacation Rentals

Below is a comparison table of the different features, limitations, and requirements between Google Hotels and Google Vacation Rentals (Google VR).

Google Vacation Rentals

Google Hotels

  • Free links
    This means you won't need to pay for  your listing to show up on Google VR.
  • Paid links
    This means you'll pay or bid for ad space to be shown on Google Hotels
  • Links to your property are displayed in the main Google Search results and on Google Maps
  • Google Business Profile isn't linked with Google Vacation Rentals
  • Business Profile isn't recommended for vacation rentals
  • Google advises to list vacation rentals only via Google Vacation Rentals
  • Google Business Profile helps hotel owners manage their business information across Google products (e.g., Search and Maps)
  • Linked with Google Hotels Integration
  • Hotel website links aren't required
    Keep in mind, if they aren't present then only OTAs compete for traveler
  • No tools to support marketing actions for vacation rentals yet
  • A marketing budget is required to get more traffic
  • Marketing tools are available for Hotels (e.g., Hotel Ads)


Supported property types

Below is a list of the property types that Guesty supports via Google Vacation Rentals, and the property types that aren't supported by Guesty via Google Hotels.

Keep in mind that Google might match a property as a non-vacation rental type after detecting a match with an active property on Google Hotels.

Supported on Guesty
(Google Vacation Rentals)

Not supported on Guesty
(Google Hotels)

  • Apartment
  • Bungalow
  • Cabin
  • Chalet
  • Cottage
  • Gite
  • Holiday Village rental
  • House
  • Vacation rental other
  • Villa
  • Bed and Breakfast (Guest house or pension)
  • Budget Japanese inn
  • Camping cabin
  • Capsule hotel
  • Extended stay hotel (Aparthotel)
  • Farm stay
  • Holiday park
  • Hotel
  • Hostel
  • Inn
  • Japanese inn (Ryokan)
  • Love hotel
  • Motel
  • Mountain hut (Lodge)
  • Religious accommodation
  • Resort hotel


Property types that might be published on Google Hotels and Google VR

If you manage a "Bed and Breakfast" or "Aparthotel" property type, they might be present on both
Google Hotels and Google Vacation Rentals. This will happen when Google can't properly match listings. Your listing will be disqualified on either Google Hotels or Google VR end.


Google offers multiple services, and Guesty doesn't manage a listing's presence in other parts of Google beyond Google Vacation Rentals.

Below are some of the common Google services that aren't managed by Guesty:

  • OTA offers are displayed on the main Google search results
  • Property content is displayed on the main Google Search results or Google Maps
  • Google Business Profile
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