Advanced Analytics is a premium feature available to Pro users only. Contact us to discuss activating it.

The "Revenue" dashboard in Advanced analytics provides a year-over-year overview of your revenue, along with a breakdown of the revenue for booking channels, fees, geographical location, and listings. The data is displayed in accordance with the main revenue recognition settings in your Guesty account, and includes payouts for confirmed reservations and any non-refunded payouts from canceled reservations. See below a summary of all the widgets found on the "Revenue" dashboard.


Advanced analytics does not recognize occupancy for reservations that have a check-in date from before the listing was activated.


You can choose to calculate revenue based on net income rather than host payout. To arrange this, please contact us. The change will come into effect within 24 hours, and will also apply to historical data.

Total revenue for the selected period

This section is located to the left of the "Revenue - Year Over Year" widget. This number is the total amount of revenue for the selected period. You can select the relevant period via the "Filters" panel on the right-hand side. Within the same widget, you can find the percentage year-over-year growth below the total amount of revenue.

Revenue - year over year

A year-over-year comparison of revenue. This allows you to easily compare the current year with the previous two years. The current year includes any future payments that are due.

Revenue by channel

View a breakdown of revenue by booking channel. You can choose which booking channels are displayed on the chart using the "Reservation Channel" filter in the "Filters" panel on the right-hand side. Clicking each bar on the chart allows you to narrow the data down, and the entire dashboard will be updated accordingly.

Revenue breakdown

View a breakdown of revenue by type of invoice items, such as accommodation fare, adjustments, and taxes.

Revenue by top 10 cities

See a revenue breakdown by location. You can use the following filters in the "Filters" panel on the right to view the relevant data; "Listing Country", "Listing State" and "Listing City". Clicking each bar on the chart allows you view to revenue data in that particular location only. The entire dashboard will be updated accordingly.

Revenue breakdown by listing

This section provides a detailed table for the selected period, broken down by listing. You can easily export this table as a CSV file. See below some useful information about some of the columns in this widget.
  • The "Listing" column.
    You can click each item in the Listing column to open the Guesty listing in a new tab.
  • The "Other" column.
    This represents any revenue that does not fall into the categories in the other columns. This includes accommodation fare adjustments and discounts, and additional fees added to reservations. Keep in mind, the adjustments and discounts only count towards the net accommodation fare, rather than the regular accommodation fare.
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