Inbox: Message from guest appears twice in Guesty

As a Guesty client, you should expect to see multiple messages routed in multiple ways. If you think a guest message appears twice in the same thread, check if one of the below scenarios applies.


Troubleshooting messages that appear twice in the Inbox

Scenario 1: Identical content/information in both messages

Check if duplicate messages have the same:

  • Text and attachments
  • Sender name
  • Sending date and time
  • Sending method

If all 4 are identical, this is indeed a single message that ended up in your Guesty inbox twice. This can happen if you set your Guesty integration email as the forwarding email for the booking channel the reservation came from.

Using your Guesty integration email is what enables the flow of communication between the Guesty Inbox and an integration's inbox (such as a booking channel). When a guest sends a message from a channel, it's routed to the Guesty integration email and from there to your Guesty Inbox — this is the expected path.


Scenario 2: Using a forwarding email address

In addition to using your Guesty integration email, you can also set another forwarding address for booking channels to help you keep members informed (if they don't have access to Guesty) and/or as a backup for your guest communication.

If you set your integration email as your forwarding email, guest messages from the channel will appear in Guesty twice:

  • Expected path: booking channel > integration email > Guesty.
  • Unexpected path: booking channel > forwarding email which is the integration email > Guesty.

Please contact us to see if this is why you're seeing the same message twice, and be sure to provide a screenshot of the message that appears twice.
If this is the issue, we'll advise you to set your private email as the forwarding address for this specific booking channel and booking channels in general.

Setting up a forwarding email address in Guesty

You can use the links below for instructions on how to set the forwarding address per channel:

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