Fixing multiple instances of the same location appearing in search results

You may encounter duplicate results for the same location in Guesty, such as when using the Multi Calendar filters, searching for a listing in the Booking Engine (Booking Website for Lite users), or creating a custom listings report. This is commonly caused by having listings at the same location written differently.

In the example below from the Booking Engine, one listing's state is listed as "Florida" while the other is listed as "FL." Therefore they are considered separate locations, causing Jacksonville to appear twice in the Booking Engine, one time for "Florida" and one time for "FL".

In a similar example from a listings report, Boston and Bradford are each listed twice.

If you see duplicated results, update the address in all the related listings. Use the instructions below to identify listings with duplicate addresses and to correct these addresses.

Step by step:

  1. Create a custom listings report.
  2. Add the following columns to the report:
    • City
    • State
    • Country
    • Published City
  3. Search for duplicate results. In the example below, under "State" you can see that California is displayed both as "California" and as "CA". Also, under the "Country" column, the United States appears as both "United States" and "USA."

  4. Correct the addresses of the relevant properties.
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