Fixing issues with duplicate city, country and other location-related results when filtering listings

You can filter your listings and create a view which displays specific characteristics, using the listing's custom report. You can also filter your listings views via the multi-calendar.

When setting the filters, if you see duplicate or incorrect address-related results, for example "Cebu" and "Cebu city", follow the below guidelines to fix your issue.

Scenario 1: Duplicate city or country

If you see duplicate or similar city or country names for your listings when filtering or adding them, please note the following:

  • If you see duplicate information in the filter drop down and want to remove it, you need to change all city fields of all listings within a city. The duplicate option will no longer appear in the dropdown once it is no longer associated with listings.
  • If you see duplicate information via the Multi-Calendar filter, it can be because unlisted (but active) properties are displayed. 

Scenario 2: Incorrect zip code or street address

If your listing appears with an incorrect address, which may include the city, the country or the zip code, please edit the listing address and use a manual override to update the correct information.


Changing a listing's address will impact directly on these setting in the Guesty booking engine, Property smart views, and the Multi-Calendar filters.

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