I cannot reprocess the reservation

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In certain situations, you need to reprocess a reservation. For example, if you move a reservation to a new listing with a different business model than the original listing. Reprocessing will recreate all of the reservation's journal entries based on the right business model and with the right financial data.   

If you are trying to reprocess a reservation from the reservation's accounting folio and you get a pop-up explaining it is not possible, follow the information below depending on the reason provided.

Disbursement needs to be canceled

In Guesty, you create a disbursement to record that someone was paid from the reservation's payout - the owner, a vendor, or you (the PMC). Once money moves out of the trust account, we block the option to reprocess the reservation to prevent inaccuracies. If you reprocess over a disbursement, those recorded payouts might not match the new data you have on the reservation after reprocessing, as in the example below

Example: Let's say the listing has a $100 car rental fee, with 100% paid to the owner. You pay the owner and record the $100 payment (disbursement). A week later you increase the car rental fee to $150. You want to reprocess the reservation to make sure the increase is reflected in your accounting reports, but the $100 disbursement will not change and the owner will want to know why it's not $150. To help you avoid this mismatch - we block the option to reprocess and bring this disbursement to your attention, so you know it needs to be addressed and possibly fixed. 

Follow the instructions below.

Step by step:

  1. Cancel all of the disbursements the reservation has.
  2. Go back to the reservation and reprocess it. You can follow these instructions if you need help.
  3. If the disbursements you canceled need to be fixed (outside of Guesty), do so and then recreate the disbursements in Guesty since you still need those journal entries to show who was paid out of the reservation's payout: Creating a payout to record a payment made outside of Guesty.

[Beta] Transaction is part of a group deposit

If you are part of the Beta testing for managing bank reconciliations,  you will be unable to reprocess a transaction that has been added to a group deposit. Follow the steps below to 

  1. Check which transaction was added as part of a group.
  2. Remove the transaction from the specific group.
  3. Go back to the reservation and reprocess it. You can follow these instructions if you need help.
  4. Add the transaction again.
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