The guest was able to check in despite a failed payment

What is happening?

You collected your guest's credit card for a reservation, however charging the card was unsuccessful. Despite the failed payment, the reservation status remained "Confirmed", and the guest was able to check it.

How can I fix it?

A reservation's status is not affected by the status of its payments. If a payment fails, the reservation will remain in Guesty, with its most recent status, until it is changed. Therefore, the guest will still be able to check in.

How can I be notified sooner?

As a workaround, if you want to make sure reservations are canceled after a failed payment, we recommend following these instructions to turn on the payment notification listed below, and then these instructions for each reservation you want to cancel due to payment issues:

  • Payment failed
  • Authorization hold failed
  • Invalid payment method received
  • 3-D Secure authentication required from guest
  • Payment authentication failed
  • Invalid card received ( only)
  • Second invalid card ( only)


If you use our API, we recommend subscribing to webhooks to stay on top of failed payments.

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