WhatsApp error messages in the Inbox

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You can send and receive messages in the Inbox via WhatsApp and communicate with guests that have provided their phone number. If a message is unable to be sent, a red border will appear around the message, along with an error message. See the most common error messages below.

The guest's number might be invalid. Please correct and try again

The guest's phone number is invalid. You can change it to a valid phone number directly within the Inbox. Learn more

You can no longer send free text messages. Please send a template message instead

As per WhatsApp’s business accounts rules, you can respond to a guest within 24 hours of receiving a message. The timer is reset with each new guest message received. In order to start a conversation, use one of Guesty’s pre-made message templates. Continue the conversation freely once a guest responds.


See the other general error messages you may encounter in the Guesty Inbox.

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