General Error Messages in the Inbox

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You can easily communicate with guests via the Guesty Inbox. If a message is unable to be sent, a red border will appear around the message, along with an error message. See below some of the error messages you may encounter when sending messages to guests.

Message Was Not Sent Due to Missing Guest Email Address

There is no guest email address attached to the reservation. You can add an email address to the reservation directly within the Inbox. Learn more

When Sending an SMS: Phone Number Is Not Valid

The guest's phone number is invalid. You can change it to a valid phone number directly within the Inbox. Learn more.

SMS Is Too Long. Only Part of the Message Was Sent

SMS messages have a limit on the number of characters that can be sent. When sending an SMS, check if the message includes non-Latin or Unicode text. This can reduce the number of available characters.


When copying and pasting text from another source, Unicode characters can be hidden within the text. Try typing the text from scratch, rather than copying and pasting.

Message Wasn't Sent

  • Check if the listing and/or reservation are connected and listed to the channel. If this is not the case, the message won’t be sent.
  • Try to resend the message as this could be a momentary technical issue. If the message still doesn't send, please contact us for assistance.


See the error messages you may encounter when sending WhatsApp messages.

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