Updating inventory for SiteMinder complexes

The only automation available for Guesty-SiteMinder is the synchronization of nightly rates and calendar availability. All other changes must be replicated manually on SiteMinder to ensure reservations will sync smoothly from SiteMinder to Guesty.
Specifically, when changing the inventory of your SiteMinder complexes you must replicate these changes on SiteMinder. These changes can refer to:
  • Adding listings to a complex.
  • Removing listings from a complex.
  • Listing existing listings.
  • Unlisting existing listings.
See below some of the most common cases.

Unlisting a unit or units from a multi-unit under a complex

Unlisting a unit will reduce the multi-unit inventory allotment on Guesty such that you will not be able to book the unit or assign reservations to it. The allotment update is sent to SiteMinder for this multi-unit, known as a "room", and should update the number of rooms of that type that are available for booking.
If the allotment does not update on SiteMinder, log into your SiteMinder extranet and modify the "hotel's" inventory accordingly, otherwise, reservations and reservation updates will not be sent to Guesty due to lack of available units.

Adding a new listing to an existing complex

When adding a new listing to a Guesty complex that is integrated with SiteMinder, the change only occurs on Guesty and does not automatically map to the complex in SiteMinder. Follow the steps below to make sure the new listing is properly integrated into your complex:

Step by Step:

  1. Contact us with the listing and complex names to map the new listing to the existing integration.
  2. Once mapped, Guesty will generate a new onboarding file with the updated mappings for SiteMinder and send it you.
  3. With the onboarding file as a reference, update the mappings on your SiteMinder extranet. Contact SiteMinder Hotels Support for assistance, if needed.
  4. Once you update the hotel mappings in SiteMinder, contact us to makes sure the complex remains completed and is active.

Unlisting or removing a listing or multi-unit from your SiteMinder complex

Unlisting a listing or multi-unit under an integrated SiteMinder complex will close the availability of these listings, even if they are still available on Guesty or other booking channels. Guesty will stop sending nightly rates and calendar updates for these listings, known as "room types", to SiteMinder, and reservations made on these rooms on SiteMinder will not be reflected in Guesty.
To prevent or resolve such issues, log into your SiteMinder extranet and close or remove the room types that correlate with your unlisted or removed listing or multi-unit. SiteMinder Hotels Support can assist you should need it.


When removing a listing from the complex in Guesty, follow the 4 steps from the Adding a New Listing to an Existing Complex section.

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