Listing is missing from owner statement

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After your owner statements are set up, they are automatically generated at the beginning of each month and provide a summary of transactions regarding a specific owner for the calendar month before the statement was generated.

The first page of the owner statement is a general summary of the income due to the owner for all of their listings, and the following pages provide a breakdown of that summary per listing.

If a listing is missing from the statement, a single unit or a sub-unit of a multi-unit, follow the instructions below:

  1. Check if the listing is assigned to a business model because only assigned listings show up in accounting reports. Follow these instructions and add the filters below to create a report of listings that are not assigned to a business model:
    • Active, set to "yes".
    • Listed, set to "yes".
    • Have business model, set to "no".
  2. Try to find your missing listing in the report: 
    • If the listing appears in the report, it is not assigned to a business model. Follow these instructions to assign it.
    • If the listing does not appear in the report, it is assigned to a business model. In this case, check if the listing had any reservations during the calendar month in question:
      • If there were no reservations, the listing will not show up in the statement by design.
      • If there were reservations, contact us to check if the listing was assigned after the statement was generated or if it was assigned on time but not reprocessed.
      • if the listing was assigned after the statement was generated - If this happens, and the reservations display the Accounting Folio, you will need to regenerate the statement.

Either way, if you want to see this listing in an owner statement, you will need to create one manually since the generation date of the automated owner statement has already passed.

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