Changing the owner of an existing listing

If you need to change the owner of an existing listing, follow the steps in the order below to ensure the change in ownership is aligned with your Accounting.
To simplify the process, it is best to make this change at the beginning of the month.

Step by step:

  1. Regenerate the owner statement via a manual report to provide the latest picture of the previous owner's status.
  2. Check that the listing doesn’t have a remaining balance or amount to be paid to the previous owner. If there is a remaining balance, post a payment to the previous owner to settle this amount.
  3. Add the new owner.
  4. Once you have completed the above steps, change the existing owner to the new owner on the listing page.
  5. On the same date you change the owner, reprocess any reservation that belongs to the new owner and was confirmed before changing owners - reservations that are not reprocessed will remain under the previous owner. Once you do that, the listing's reservations will be split between two owners, and you will have two owner statements for the month in question. 
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