How additional fees are calculated in Airbnb

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In Airbnb, the additional fees include the Community Fee, Linen Fee, Management Fee, Pet Fee, Damage Waiver, and Resort Fee.

For your additional fees to sync between Airbnb and Guesty, you must choose to either set the calculation rate as a fixed fee (Per stay) or a percentage fee (of accommodation fare + cleaning fee) when you create the new fee.


Choosing of accommodation fare or cleaning fee won't sync.


Per stay ($)
Fixed fee
Of accommodation fare+cleaning fee (%)
For percentage fee

Learn more about Additional Fees and Pet Fees.


Unsupported combinations for fee calculations

If you pick any other combination for the calculation rate, the addditional fees won’t sync.

For example:
If you choose the percentage fee (%) and then choose “Accommodation Fare only”, the fee won’t sync, and you’ll receive the message: “Channel only supports Per stay for fixed type and Payout for percentage type”.


Ensuring a new fee does not interfere with the syncing of an existing fee

When an additional fee is synced to Airbnb as a certain fee type in Guesty, it doesn't necessarily mean the same fee type is available in Airbnb.

When we receive the final invoice from Airbnb, we'll display the fee type the same way it was booked on Airbnb with the internal name you defined for the fee type in your additional fee settings.

For example:
The Damage Waiver additional fee is synced to Airbnb as a Management Fee.

It's possible to sync multiple management fees or linen fees, however, all of the fees must have the same combination (e.g. "Fixed rate and Per stay" or "Percentage fee, Per accommodation, and Cleaning fee").
If your fees don't match up, you'll be notified that syncing between Airbnb and Guesty will stop.

For example:
If your "Damage Waiver" fee is set up as "Per stay" (like in the image above), you won't be able to set your "Management fee" as "Per guest" (like in the image below).


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